I Can’t Swallow……..


AFM Swallow


I must make a confession I cannot swallow ……..







A pill. No matter how hard I try I just can’t seem to swallow it whole. I have such strong gag reflex that I always end up choking on the pill and you can guess what happens after that. I know, I know more information than you cared to know. But I have been doing some research on this and I have found out that I am not alone. Did you know that more than 40% of adults are just like me.  Imagine how horrible medicines taste when chewed or sprinkled on food. Yep Yummy NOT!!!!


So if you are like me , here are some tricks that might help you.

  • Take a deep breath before you put the pill in your mouth, this will help with that gag muscle.
  • Sip something bubbly. This will allow you to swallow more quickly.
  • Lower your chin to your chest. This will allow the pill to go straight where it needs to be. No loitering in the back of the throat.

Hopefully these methods will help you. I still haven’t found one that I like but it is getting better.  It has to get better because even my three daughters know how to swallow a pill and they laugh at me because I can’t. I know you are laughing too J but it is okay because I have learned to laugh at myself as well.

Now you know my little confession what is yours? Are you like me and can’t swallow…. A pill or is there something equally embarrassing about you that you would care to share. After all we are all friends here, and I promised I won’t laugh too hard at you LOL. Confess your secret inquiring readers want to know. Waiting to hear from you.


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