In The Home Stretch

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We are now in the home stretch for our blessings challenge. As I said before this has definitely been a challenger but I have also learned a lot about myself. What about you? So here are the things that I am thankful.

  • Peace- It is hard to explain but I feel a peace over our house, family, and our struggles. Even though the devil is waging a major war on our family, I feel a peace that I have never felt before. I find myself constantly praising God for just the little things. My prayers are not about me!! me!! me!! It is all about letting His will be done and in that I find that I am given little messages throughout the day (Like the  message I blogged about the other day.)
  • The chirping of birds- There is nothing sweeter than to hear the beautiful songs of birds.
  • Razors- I can’t stand when I get a little stubble on my legs. So I am thankful for razors even though I do get to try Silk’n for 8 weeks.
  • Million Dollar Listing New York- This is one of my new addictions. Not only do I get to see how people in New York City live but those agents are hoot and pretty easy on the eyes. Plus it in on television while I am writing this post
  • Seeing movies before they come out in theaters. Just last week I saw Begin Again there is nothing like having seats reserved jsut for you at a movie theater.
  • The awesome opportunities that are coming in for both of my blogs. I will admit that there were times I wondered if I should give up writing . But then God pointed me into the directions that they should go.
  • Letting Go- I have decided to let go of stuff we no longer need and also any struggles we are facing. The physical letting go is a symbol for the spiritual letting go and giving it to God.
  • A Friday off for my husband- He works so hard that he so needs this day off.
  • Dinner with friends- This past weekend, we had dinner with one set of friends and will again this weekend. Plus we get to spend the Fourth with some pretty awesome friends of ours.
  • Hot Showers- need I say more.

So now I am 60 down with 40 to go- where are you in your challenge?

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