Where Have I Been?

where have i been

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There is a country song written by Kathy Mattea called “Where’ve You Been“. The chorus goes like this

Where have you been
I’ve looked for you forever and a day
Where have you been
I’m just not myself when you’re away
I’m just not myself when you’re away

And that is how I have felt lately. I was a high the weekend of the birthday, I will tell you about those birthday adventures soon. But the day after my birthday, I get a call from my mom that my favorite uncle, the last sibling of my dad’s had passed away. I quickly crashed and I crashed hard. Uncle Billy and his wife Aunt Judy are my favorite aunt and uncle of all time. I have so many fond memories of going to Boston Red Sox games at Fenway Park with my dad and Uncle Billy. That it just doesn’t seem real that he is gone as well.

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It was like I was losing my dad all over again. Uncle Billy and my dad were close. I think my dad was closer to him than any of his other siblings even though he looked out for all of them, with him being the oldest. I even remember at my aunt’s funeral how my dad was trying to protect his little brother from seeing her body. His health wasn’t the best.

The last time I saw my uncle was when my dad was in hospice fighting for his life. He was as crazy as ever. He will always be the fun uncle to me. Even teasing Gracie over Beary, saying he was going to bring Beary home with him.

So on hearing the news that he passed away, I decided to veg out for a while and totally binge watched Army Wives. Here is a tip when you are feeling sad, Army Wives is not the show to watch. I think I cried during every episode.

Just wanted to update you and let you know what has been going on with me and I am back to posting.

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