40 Down 60 Blessings to Go

Have you ever thought that even the smallest thing can be called blessings. How are you coming along with the challenge that I put to you about finding 100 blessings in your life? Have you found it hard or easy to come up with your list- for me I have 30 blessings down and 70 more to go. You don’t have to write all 100 down at one sitting and they all don’t have to be serious- some can be funny or just downright silly. So here are 10 more blessings that I thank God for everyday.

  • The ability to smell- now that may not always be a blessing but still having that ability to smell that baby smell, a flower (esp a gardenia) or for me freshly cut grass and the smell of rainstorm that is about to come in.


  • A roof over our head- We worked so hard for this house that we live in now. This is the first house that we can truly say is ours and that we own it.


  • Cheesecake-Let’s face it I think a lot of people would think cheesecake is a blessing from above. I am writing this right after I had Mexican style cheesecake. You haven’t had cheesecake until you have it wrapped inside a tortilla and fried. Yummy!!!

safe travels

  • Safe Travels- I am writing this particular blog post while we are traveling back home after dropping my middle daughter off to stay with some friends of ours for the week. Which brings me to the next blessing.
  • Be blessed with friends who treat our girls just like they are one of their own. I have no worries sending any one of my daughters with any of my close friends because I know that they will be taken care of.

red wine glass and bottle

  • Wine- There are a lot of people that would agree on this on as well. I am not a heavy drinker by all means but I do enjoy an occasional glass of wine every now and then.

products try

  • Being one of the first who gets to try out new products- I get excited when I get to try something that I  have seen on television that I know I could never afford otherwise.


  • The soldiers, police officers and firemen who put their lives on the line everyday to keep us safe. The first seven years of my life my dad was a Marine serving with the counterintelligence division, after that he became a cop. So being the daughter of two of the three mentioned above I have seen first hand the sacrifices that are made by those that serve and their families as well.


  • Internet- Let’s face it who isn’t thankful for that. In this electronic age, sometimes to much internet is a bad thing because people tend to lose the personal touch.


  • My Mailbox- that always seems to bring me surprises some good and some bad. I never knew what I will get from day to day.

So now I am 40 down and 60 more blessings to go, I challenge you right now to write down 10 blessings that you are thankful for in your life.

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