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Being a teacher, I love it when I can find apps that I can download on my iPad to use in the classroom. Kids Academy has come up with some amazing new apps that you have got to try out and the best part is that they all are free.

bingo abc's

The Bingo ABC’s App is all about the ABC’s. They have found a great way to make learning your ABC’s fun including singing along to the Bingo song. Who doesn’t love the Bingo song? I love that this app also includes cute farm animals which allows children to also use the knowledge that some of them may already know. This will help to spur on the hunger for more knowledge and those farm animals are just too cute. I love that is very colorful that it will grab any child’s attention and it was fun to play that I even found myself playing it even when I wasn’t using it in the classroom with my kids. Yes, it is that cute and I believe will help children who are just starting out on the ABC train.

kids academy reading and writing

The ABCs alphabet phonics & Montessori learn to read app is also about the ABC’s but in a different way. This app is based on the Montessori way of learning. As you know each child learns differently and by having apps that reflect different learning styles makes teaching the ABC’s a lot easier. The little owl in this app is one that I know children will be able to identify with and owls are all craze right now. I also love how the owl professor not only teaches the alphabet but he also shows them how to write it as well. Too often the times letter writing is not the main focus as letter recognition is. I love that this app teaches both. This is an app that any classroom teacher would love to add to their technology center.

 kids academy van

The Preschool and Kindergarten learning kids games app is all about encouraging children to learn through playing games. As a teacher, I can tell you that most children will connect to a lesson quicker when there is a game involved with it. Although this app is mainly for use for preschool and kindergarten ages, I can see this being used in K-2nd classrooms to reinforce the concepts that have been taught already. Plus I would use this to add to the education of those that might be defined as “slow learners.”  The colors and graphic used within this app are amazing and would definitely hold the attention of the child playing the game. I will be adding this one to my classroom technology center as well.

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