Strollers Designed With Parents and Babies in Mind

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When my girls were babies there were that many choices for strollers that they have nowadays. It was either a standard humongous stroller or an umbrella stroller there were no in between. And forget about taking the comfort of the parents into consideration when they were designing them. For those of you that have older kids you know what I am talking about. Remember all the aching backs from having to hunch over to push the stroller. When I look at strollers that being created these days I am awe all the beautiful designs and fabric choices that allows new parents to reflect their or theirs baby’s personality. And what I love about this one company called Jane USA is that they take into consideration the comfort as the parent as well as the baby’s. I think that is awesome, finally a company that stands up and take notices of what is needed in society.

Their strollers are absolutely beautiful as well. I love that there are many design and well as fabric choices to choose from. And their strollers also have some added amenities as well. Have you ever heard of strollers that already have footmuffs (to keep those cute little toes warm) and shades to keep those bright eyes protect from the harsh sunlight. They are definitely the high tech design so to speak on strollers in the baby world. I will have to say that seeing this website almost makes me want to have another baby. Well maybe not go as far as that but it does show me how far stroller companies have come when it comes to designing strollers for today’s parents.

So tell me if you could put one thing on a stroller what would it be? It could be anything. I think I would have to put some extra cargo space for when you are out shopping.

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