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Does your child struggle with Math? Are they in 5th grade or younger? If they are then I have a few apps for iTunes that will make a Splash. Splash Math has come out with two awesome free apps that are focused on helping your child learn all the math skills they need.


Splash Math PreK and K helps to lays the basic groundwork that will child will need to build upon. You would not build a house with laying a foundation so this what this app does it starts their math education from the ground level. With this app, kids can learn in a relaxed atmosphere at their own pace. I love that parents are able to set goals for their child. I love that it is visually appealing that makes even the youngest child excited to learn.

Splash Math is for those in Grades in 1st through 5th. It is also visually appealing. It is great for those that have problems grasping concepts, because it is hands on learning. I love that when a question is answered incorrectly that instead of saying it is wrong and moving on, it actually will tell why it is wrong. I also love the fact that I can sync this app with my other devices.  With the limit of 20 questions per day for free this is just enough questions to keep kids entertained without it getting bored. It makes learning math fun.


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