Learning From My Mistakes

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Listerine Heroic Healthy Habits

I love it when I can teach my children to learn from my mistakes. As I have said on many occasions I wish that had taken better care of my teeth, it is the one thing about myself that I really wish that I could back in time and change but I can’t . But what I can do is to teach my girls how important it is to have healthy habits and taking care of your teeth is one those habits to have.

Good dental health starts with knowing which products are safe for your whole family to use. Paired with that finding a product that the whole family can agree on and love. With five different personalities in our house, that is sometimes not an easy task except when it comes to using products made by Listerine.

Listerine heroic habits products

Listerine is one of the few companies we all can agree on. We all love how convenient the PocketPaks are to carry around. They are great for those times when we get food stuck in between our teeth when we are on the go. The variety of flavors that they come in are a huge plus as well. We can all get our favorite flavor so there is no arguing over who stole whose floss or mouthwash. It sure has avoided a lot of unnecessary arguments in my house. Plus Listerine products are so easy to find online  and in stores.

Listerine Mouthwash Healthy Habits

Now every time there is any teeth brushing going on in our household, Listerine is sure to be present. It has become one of the girls’ healthy habits to floss with Listerine Floss and rinse with the mouthwash to keep those pearly whites germ free and cavity free. They are learning a lesson that I wish I had learned at their age, proper care of your teeth is an awesome healthy habit to have. I just wish that they had these videos around when I was growing up, maybe that would have made me want to brush more.

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  1. I am pretty obsessed with brushing my teeth and having fresh breath, so these are GREAT! Good review! 🙂

  2. Aw, the dental dilemmas. I wish I would have been kinder to my teeth in my youth. I learned by my teen years, even though I still wish I would have been able to get braces! Thanks for the “fresh” post!

  3. We did not have good tasting mouthwash back when I was growing up or maybe I would have used it. There are so many things that people can use these days–we had toothpicks! I also had genetically bad teeth which didn’t help. It is extremely important to take care of those teeth.

  4. I was pretty lucky growing up, my mom was always on me about my teeth. I am the same way with my own kids now. They love the Listerine mouth wash for the character, so it makes it more fun.

  5. My son is a big believer in good oral hygiene. It bugs him when anyone doesn’t floss or brush.

  6. I wish my kids would want to brush more. It irks me that I have to actually send to brush their teeth. My toddler on the other hand just loves brushing. We currently use listerine and nothing else.

  7. I taught my kids through my mistakes too. They think I am very strict about oral care, but I don’t want them to go through the pain of fixing problems that could have been prevented. Listerine is a favorite in our house too!

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