Great Clips Makes Back To School Easier with #GREATLIST

Thanks to Great Clips for sponsoring today’s discussion.

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Heading back to school can be an exciting time for parents, teachers and children? Parents are excited because they won’t be hearing the I’m bored complaint. Children are excited because they will no longer be bored and they will get to see their friends. Teachers are excited because they get to mold another class of young minds. But what teachers are not excited about is the amount of money they have to spend out of pocket to create a classroom that encourages learning. Did you know that on average, teachers spend as much as $1000 of their own money just to make sure their students have the resources they need to learn. I know when I was the interim music teacher at the local elementary I spent at least that much and I was only there three days a week and I traveled from classroom to classroom. But I have heard of teachers who spend the $1000 and more on their students. It is a sad state when teachers cannot get the much needed resources they need without paying for them out of pocket. That is why when I was approached to work Great Clips to encourage people to download the Great Clips Online Check in App  and in doing so they will make a donation to But they will are also hosting a contest to help not only the teachers as well as the parents. Just look at the details of the contest being held on here Just in case you decided haven’t clicked on the link which I think you are crazy if you haven’t here are some more details. For this contest, audiences are invited to upload their school supply list to the campaign landing page. Daily winners will get their back-to-school supply list shipped to their front door for free (up to $100 value). 

Contest Start Date: 7/15

Contest End Date: 9/5

Contest Prize: The winners’ school supply list

Prize Value: Up to $100

  • What counts as an entry? Typing or uploading the list to the site.
  • Who is choosing the winner(s)? Great Clips chooses randomly on a daily basis.
  • Shipping logistics: Great Clips will ship winners’ prize to their door for free!

Still not sure here are some more details.  Great Clips is fulfilling school supply lists with the #GREATLIST. Upload your school supply list to between now and Sept. 5. Daily winners will have their back-to-school supplies shipped to their front door for free (up to $100). 


Interested in saving more time? Aren’t we all? Download their free Online Check-In app through Sept. 5 so you don’t have to wait to get your haircut. Not only will it save you time, it also helps classrooms in your community. For every download through Sept. 5, Great Clips will make a donation to support, up to $20,000. Many Great Clips salons are offering back-to-school pricing for haircuts! Please visit your local salon for pricing details.  And here is the best part #GREATLIST contest entrants receive a $2-off Great Clips coupon with their confirmation email the first time they submit a school supply list. One coupon per customer.

So what are you waiting for head over and upload your list and download that Apps to help teachers as well.


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  1. I will definitley go download the app. We don’t have Great Clips here in Boston, but I love that they have this program to help schools who really need it.

  2. That is awesome! My boys still haven’t gotten haircuts because they were thinking of growing out their hair. This is great that they ‘re doing this for classrooms. Awesome!

  3. What a great initiative! I had no idea that teachers were putting their own money into supplies – that is disgraceful. Makes me appreciate them even more.

  4. This is a great idea! It is a shame that teacher’s don’t get paid more and then add to that using their own money. Our education system needs an overhaul!

  5. My daughter always uses the Great Clips app. It saves her a lot of time. It’s great that they are doing this.

  6. Working with kids I can so relate. At the end of the day, all we want is to see the children excel no mater the cost.

  7. I love that they are donating to classrooms. As a former school district employee, I can attest to the fact that we all spent a great deal of our own money on supplies.

  8. What a fantastic idea. My mom was a teacher for many many years and she spent so much of the family’s money to make sure she had everything needed. I loved helping her out. Helping is the right thing to do 🙂

  9. hooray for Great Clips! I love their app to save time on the waiting room. Anyway, great campaign!

  10. I love programs that help our schools. I will check out the app and see if it is available in Canada.

  11. I am always amazed at some teacher’s dedication. They really do a lot for their students. It’s nice when teachers are helped too.

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