Jenga Giant Anyone?

I received Jenga Giant in exchange for this review. However the amount of fun we had playing it is all our own. 

home for the day

This past Labor Day my oldest came home from college to spend the day with us. As her schedule this semester is very grueling the times we get to see her person is few and far between.

As Labor Day is a holiday for my husband as well, we were so excited to spend time with all three girls under one roof. We had Sopas for dinner ( a delicious Mexican dish) that everyone in the family loves. ( Including my mom and it was one of my dad’s favorite dinners to have at our house as well.) We also had a fun time playing games and laughing and joking as a family.

Jenga collage

One of the games that my girls can’t seem to get enough of is Jenga Giant. You should see the level of concentration on their faces as they play. Maddie’s boyfriend, Lex, even got into playing it. Gracie, my youngest, is the Jenga champion in our family and she lets everyone know it.

Jenga Giant is different from regular Jenga as it is bigger and easier to manage as well as a lot more fun and challenging. You should have seen the girls and Lex second guessing themselves about which Jenga block to remove.

To be honest I was surprised by how long they played the game before the Jenga tower fell. If you are looking for a great game that the whole family can enjoy than look no further than Jenga Giant.

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  1. I have never played Jenga. Seems like a fun game. Have to try when our friends come over. It is great to be co-hosting with you . #HomeMattersParty.

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