4 Reasons You Should Eat Dinner Together as a Family

4 Reasons You Should Eat Dinner Together as a Family from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

If you turn on the television to any family based sitcom show, you’ll usually see the family eating together as a family every night.  This family tradition of eating together as a ritual every night is engrained in most cultures. However, not everyone does it.  Since the bigger your family gets, the most conflicting everyone’s schedules can be, it can start to be a challenge to coordinate it.

As a result, however, families are losing the value of why this ritual is so important.  Not only can eating together as a family be enjoyable, but it has numerous psychological benefits for every member of the family. Here are some of the many reasons you should start eating together every night.

Increases Your Bond

Children who have a strong family bond are less likely to commit violent crimes and show more compassion for others.  When families are close and communicative, a child feels like they belong to something. 

Take the time to talk about how everyone’s day went by asking questions and showing an interest in everyone’s particular activities.  Not only will you feel closer to your family, but you’ll be more in tune with what they’re up to since you all have different schedules.

Teaches Table Manners

Although table manners seem to be less crucial in this modern age than they were a century ago, it’s still an important skill to have.  Being able to eat politely and gracefully in formal situations is a tool which can be carried on into adulthood.

Rather than making it something they have to do and drilling them like soldiers until they get it right, make it fun and lighthearted.  The more kids enjoy something, the more likely they are to retain it.

Saves Money

Cooking one big meal together rather than everyone making their own individual plates will save money in the long run.  Eating out in restaurants is costly compared to the price of getting your food in a supermarket and preparing it at home, and there are no tips required either!

Healthier Than Eating Out

Eating together as a family at home is a beautiful opportunity to teach your kids the value of eating a healthy and versatile diet.

By creating plates which are full of lean proteins and hearty vegetables, you can teach your kids the joy of flavors and healthy foods which they may not have otherwise learned eating out in restaurants.

Get them involved and excited about preparing meals with you so that they can create fond memories of you teaching them how to cook.  It’s something that they can pass down to their own children one day. 

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