Best Games Kids Can Play on Playgrounds

Best Games Kids Can Play on Playgrounds from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

Are y’all looking for a way to get your kids interested in playing outside? I’ve been there. Unlike my older daughters who enjoyed outdoor games, my youngest daughter just wanted to stay inside and play on her iPad. Luckily, after I explained how outdoor time is essential (and threatened to take away the iPad), my daughter decided to join her sisters outside. Here are some of the best games kids can play on the playground.

Simon Says

Simon Says is a game for two or more kids to enjoy. One kid plays Simon. The other kids have to do what “Simon says.” If Simon calls out an activity without saying “Simon says,” the kids who do the activity are out. The last kid standing is the winner.


Tag is a fun game to play with a bunch of people. The tagger counts to three while the other players run. The point of the game is for the tagger to run after the other players and tag them. Every runner who gets tagged is out. The last runner left in the game is the winner.

Hide and Seek

Hide and Seek is another game that can be played with many people, plus it can be especially fun if the players are hiding on or around the playground equipment. The seeker counts to ten while the hiders find places to hide. Then the seeker finds the hiders. When the hiders are found, the game can go one of two ways: the hiders can be out, or they can help the seekers find the other hiders. The last person to be found wins the game.

Hot Lava

Hot Lava is best played in a big group. In this game, the kids cannot touch the floor because it is lava. A certain area of the playground equipment can be designated as lava. Similar to tag, the lava monster has to run after the other players. Then the players who are tagged become lava monsters as well. The last player to become a lava monster wins the game.

Capture the Flag

In Capture the Flag, there are two teams. Each of the teams has a flag. One person from each team hides the flag. The team members decide which players get to run and which players get to distract the other team. Then the players run to find the flags. The flag hiders run after them and tag them. When this happens, the players who are tagged go to jail. The first team to find the other team’s flag wins.

Skills Developed From These Games

Believe it or not, these games are more than just a good time. They help kids develop important skills. Here are some skills kids can develop from these games.

  • Communication: In Capture the Flag, the team members communicate with their team about where to run.
  • Strategy: To play Tag, the runners must figure out where to go to stay away from the tagger.
  • Flexibility: While playing Hide and Seek, hiders must be able to fit into small spaces.
  • Balance: During Hot Lava, players who get too close to the floor must balance on the equipment to avoid falling.
  • Listening: In Simon Says, players must listen for the words “Simon says” and follow the directions.
  • Endurance: During both Capture the Flag and Tag, players must run for a long time.
  • Sportsmanship: Every game teaches kids how to play fairly and accept losing.
  • Brain: Playing all these games outside gives helps kids get vitamin D, which helps with brain development.

These are the best games kids can play on playgrounds. They will help you lure your kids outside to enjoy the sunshine. You can even join in on the fun!

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