What are Pinhole Glasses?

What are Pinhole Glasses-I will admit that I have found myself asking that same question a lot. Have you even heard about pinhole glasses? I will admit until recently I  hadn’t so I because I have an inquiring mind I wanted to find out. And since what I found out was so interesting I wanted to share it with you as well.

First of all pinhole glasses are the natural alternative to prescription glasses or lenses. And since  all three of my girls and myself wear glasses I made it my mission to find out more about this natural alternative, What I found is that unlike conventional glasses pinhole glasses cannot be used right away all the time. You have to build up to wear them everyday. You initially start with wearing them for 5 minutes a day for a few days still continuing the use of your contacts or glasses. You then build it up to 15-20 minutes a day. As you get used to the pinhole glasses the pinholes seem to disappear and multiple images will diminish.

Sounds pretty cool right? In further research I found that some advantages of pinhole glasses for certain eye conditions.


  • Far Sighted people can improve their sight by using the glasses for reading and working on the computer to name a few things.
  • Nearsighted people – can improve their vision by using the glasses to focus on distant objects such as nature or the television.

I will say after all the research that I have done, I am willing to give pinhole glasses a try. There seem to be a lot of benefits to these glasses with very few side effects. And there is also the added bonus that they don’t cost as much as prescription lenses do. So tell me have you heard about pinhole glasses and do you think you would ever try them out?

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