Is Your Family Member Struggling with Alcoholism? Here’s What You Can Do to Help

Is Your Family Member Struggling with Alcoholism Here's What You Can Do to Help from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

Alcohol is a drug, and the fact that it is so easy to come by is the reason many find themselves unable to live without it. Truthfully, it is one of the deadliest addictions out there. If you feel, or if you know, a family member is struggling with alcoholism, as painful as it might be, then you need to step in. To see what you can do to help, make sure to heed the points below:

Knowing the Right Time to Step in

A few drinks of a weekend isn’t any harm and a few too many at celebratory events is not something to be concerned about, but there comes a point when enough is enough, and it is crucial that you step in at this time.

It’s hard to tell when somebody has ‘hit rock bottom in regards to alcoholism because they will, more than likely, hide most of their consumption from you. So, it is always going to be tough knowing the right time to step in, and it truly is down to you to know when. If you feel like your family member’s standard of living is worsening because of alcohol, even if it hasn’t taken a full hold on them yet, then you should take that as a sign that action like sending them for alcohol treament in Vancouver, WA needs to be taken. It can mean anything from them forgetting to pick the kids up from school one day, to them missing family events.

Be Honest with Them

Your struggling family member is never going to beat their affliction if you aren’t honest with them about it. There’s nothing to be gotten from tip-toeing around. Instead, you need to tell your family member how you feel about what they’re doing, and you need to let them know exactly how alcoholism affects family life. The realization that their actions aren’t just impacting themselves, but also those around them, might be the chastening moment they need to confront whatever it is that is forcing them to the bottle.

Put Safety Measures in Place for When You’re Not Around

Neither you nor anybody else can look after your struggling family member 24/7, meaning there will be times when they are left to their own devices. It doesn’t mean that you can’t mandate and moderate your family member’s alcohol consumption at all times, however. You can do so by doing things like locking the liquor cupboards in their home or even stripping their home of all the alcohol in it. You can tell all the shops in their local area not to serve them any alcohol, which will hopefully be enough to deter them from coming across it themselves. Furthermore, you can have an ignition interlock installed onto their car to ensure their vehicle will never start for them if traces of alcohol can be sensed in their system, meaning you never need to worry about them drunk driving. Your family member might be far from a child, but treating them like one might be the only way to help them.

Alcoholism is deadly, and more and more people fall victim to it today than ever before. If a loved one of yours ever does, then make sure to remember all the advice above when you come to help them.

Seeing a loved one struggle with addiction is never an easy thing to deal with. If you want to give them the best chance of getting clean, consider sending them to a rehab center in Colorado. The farther away they are from home the higher the chances they have of staying sober. 

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