3 Common Expenses Parents Of The Bride Stress About

3 Common Expenses Parents Of The Bride Stress About by North Carolina Mom Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

The time is here. Your daughter came home and announced to you that she is now going to be the future wife of some very lucky gentleman. A wedding and the promise of building a new home together with the love of your life is an event for celebration.

However, these occasions usually come with a hefty price. Below are three aspects of the wedding and future of the bride that Mom and Dad tend to worry about and what you can do to make them a little easier on your wallet.

The Engagement Party 

Almost everyone enjoys the news that a dedicated couple has finally decided to tie the knot. Years of memories together with children and grandchildren, family vacations, and the battles through every up and down that bond a couple closer together with each passing year offer promise and hope to a dark world.

Be that as it may, just announcing it to the world could empty your wallet. Try these suggestions for the engagement party. Instead of a catered meal that could cost you over $100 dollars, take the time to cook the meal yourself.

Also, keep the invite list on the smaller side. It might be a good idea to invite family and just a few close friends. Lastly, when decorating for the party, check the thrift stores for items that will offer the environment you are aspiring to without breaking the back.

 The Wedding

The day is coming and coming quickly. Many parents, especially fathers, dread the bill that comes with a proper wedding. This day will be one of the times in your daughter’s life that she will need the superhero she saw as a little girl to make an encore appearance.

Try a few of these ideas to cut back on the price of a modern wedding and still look like Super Dad. Set up a wedding registry at a respectable store and make it known to everyone. This way, you can rest knowing your daughter will start her new life with at least most of what she needs. Second, don’t set the date for the wedding on a Saturday.

Many venues charge extra for weekend weddings. Sometimes over $1,000 extra. Lastly, have the wedding and the reception in the same place. This saves gas on travel, rent charges, and makes things transition smoother all around.   

The Housewarming

After all, is said and done, the new husband and wife will start their new life in their new home together. It is traditional to hold a housewarming party. This stage of the journey can be accomplished for nearly free if you know what you are doing. There is no need to make a Christmas dinner for a housewarming party. Instead, set out a few appetizers to satisfy hungry guests. Most people enjoy good music at any party.

You don’t need a DJ. Modern technology will allow you to hook up your phone and play your favorite party list. Want to add a little more entertainment? Add some board games or games that involve several guests like Charades, or Win Lose or Draw.

Mom. Dad. There is no need to worry. Use these tips to make sure the money tree doesn’t die and this time in your daughter’s life is one she will enjoy for the rest of her life.

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