Took A Few Days Off

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I know you are probably wondering where the he double hockey sticks I have been lately!! I took a few days off. Well to be honest I have been in deep cleaning mode and when I wasn’t cleaning I was going to my happy place, Wake Med Soccer Park to see my boys play LOL. It has been a frustrating couple of days here at the Frugal Mom house. When we aren’t cleaning getting ready for yard sale then we are on the road. It has definitely been stressful the constant on the go lifestyle and I am so ready for it to slow down. It seems that this week has been busier than other because my boys had 3 games this week. They won 1 and lost 1 and play one tomorrow. I love sitting in the stands cheering the boys on but it takes such a toll on my body. I am still struggling with the aftermath of the accident in April. I am still under the orthopedic doctor’s care as well physical therapy and the chiropractor. It hurts to sit for long periods and sleeping at night forget about it. I wake up feeling worse. But having to do Phyiscal therapy has been a real bit*** I have hurt in places I have never hurt before and I have pushed myself to do things that I have never done before. It is so hard to when I have gotten to used to living with the constant pain. At point I was really upset with husband when he expressed very little concern until he heard the diagnosis from my doctor. With that said, I just want to give you an update on what is going on here. Not being able to contribute to the family in the financial sense sucks as well. It has been a long time since I received a paycheck. Look for a post tomorrow on yard sales do and don’t. Love you guys and so glad you are still here hanging with me.

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