4 Ways To Help Your Loved One Battling With An Addiction

4 Ways To Help Your Loved One Battling With An Addiction from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

Have you ever seen your loved one who was once a good person and suddenly get a victim of substance abuse? It is distressing, to see your loved one heading towards death slowly. Addiction is like a slow poison; someday it will kill the addicted person.

Seeing your loved one falling prey to deadly addictions is heartbreaking. Addiction doesn’t just affect the person battling; it has consequences for family, friends, and the entire support systems. Even if you are not the struggling person, but you could be impacted by substance use disorder and may feel helpless because you don’t know what to do to support your loved one.

Here are five steps you can take on the journey to get your loved one out of the addiction and help them to get their life back on track:

  • Know the nature of addiction

Family members can play an important role in helping their addicted loved one by understanding the nature of addiction. It’s necessary to remember that the nature of addiction involves an unbreakable compulsive pattern. People get into addictions gradually as a way to cope with unfortunate life conditions that are hard to handle. In the start, the recreational use of substances may seem beneficial in dealing with stress, but it can quickly evolve into addictive behavior. As a family member, you need to introduce your loved one new ways to cope with life stresses. Try to express empathy for their struggle instead of judgment.

  • Show your support and motivate them.

Your love and support can replace the fright and guilt of the addicted person. Try to earn their trust and once you have established that approach, encourage them to get help. Many rehab centers use the “tough love” approach in the way to recovery. You can get further with motivation. Whenever any negative feelings about the person take a back seat, start with a more objective approach to the problem and encourage your loved one to start getting help.

  • Counseling is essential to navigate the difficult circumstances

Counseling is as important for the family members as it is to the addicted person. Addiction is a family disease because it influences the entire family system. So it is necessary to receive psychological support or counseling to navigate the difficult circumstances that correspond to addiction in the family system. Don’t feel ashamed in receiving psychological support. Maybe having an impersonal, third-party voice in your life could help you come to new conclusions about the situation. Who knows?

  •  Get involved in the recovery process.

During the recovery process, your loved one needs more of your support to get the smart recovery from the dark world of addiction. So be involved in the healing process. Take this addiction treatment as a family affair and not just something that associates with your addicted loved one. If each member of the family show support in the recovery process, your love will feel much more hopeful and the chances of recovery increases.

Your Love and care will boost the healing process of your loved one. Stay by the side of the person who is battling with addiction. Your support will help them in a significant way.


Good luck!

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