Planning an Event? 5 Party Planning Tips to Remember

Planning an Event 5 Party Planning Tips to Remember from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

From birthdays to Bar Mitzvahs housewarming soirees to summer cocktail gatherings, putting on an event means bringing people together in an atmosphere of fun, comfort, and social enjoyment. As a host, it’s your responsibility to plan things out so that the focus is all on the joy of spending time with family and friends, meeting new people, and eating, drinking, and chatting in a delightful environment. In order to achieve this state of without-a-hitch party planning, this article details five main factors to concentrate on in putting together a memorable party without any of the stress.


Possibly your very first concern is the location of the party: will it be at your home or at a venue in your locality? Parties at home often win on the comfort factor but can ramp up the stress, whereas if your budget allows, finding a small party venue to take care of the hosting requirements will free you up to plan everything else and, on the day, you’ll not have to worry about spills and stains.

Consider getting a bouncy house for kids and adults to enjoy. But don’t forget about safety when organizing a party with inflatable structures like bouncy castles. Make sure there is always adult supervision near the castle at all times and establish some ground rules so everyone can play safely together. Additionally, consider hiring trained staff from Perth Bouncy Castle Hire (or elsewhere) who are experienced in handling these structures and ensuring proper safety measures.


Once you’ve settled on a venue, you’ll be able to plan the date of the party, determine whatever theme or dress code you might want to introduce, and get those invites out as quickly as possible. The sent-in-the-mail RSVP invite is becoming a thing of the past, with Facebook and emailed invites becoming the norm, but do check each individual to make sure you’re preparing for the correct amount of people.

Party-Specific Items

Yes, you’ll probably want some plastic cups – or, if it’s a classier affair, some cocktail glasses with ice – but what about other party-specific bits and bobs that’ll make your soiree easier to manage? If you’re hosting at your home, consider purchasing daybed covers, which will prevent staining or damage to bedclothes while also creating extra seating for guests. A rented sound system is always a worthy investment for parties likely to get increasingly lively; for children’s gatherings, plan for fussy eaters and scraped knees.

Refreshments & Food

 Since the beginning of civilized human interaction, food, and drink have been a pivotal aspect of social gatherings, and you should think practically about the provisions at your own party so that no one’s left high and dry or with a rumbling belly. Buy stock in advance, prepare back-ups, and be creative with ice buckets and food platters so that everyone’s nibbling and sipping while mingling.


There are parties, and then there are parties, and you’ll want yours to be the latter so that, whatever the reason for your get-together, people will remember your party as long as they live. Whether you decide to involve some performances, some artwork, a bouncy castle, or a themed fancy dress is up to you, but this is where your creative capacity as a planner and organizer is most required to try something new, exciting, and maybe even a little brave.

Bear these five tips in mind, and you’re sure to host an unforgettable and stress-free soiree.

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