Is London Good For A Day Trip?

If you’re currently visiting the UK, whether you’re camping in a field outside Bath or you’ve booked yourself into a downtown Oxford hotel room, London is probably high on the visit list. It’s one of the oldest capital cities in the world and is overflowing with color and culture. 

So many people have lived here over the centuries, and London still attracts the best of the best – there’s a lot to see and do! However, does that immediately translate into a good day out? It’s all about the way you plan things. 

London is often in a rush. People are constantly on their way in and out of work, packing out the underground and running for the buses. For a traveler, it’s easy to feel like you’re going to get lost and never find your way out again! 

Let’s make sure that doesn’t happen to you. The city of London can be a great day out for those who want to see history in action, as well as spend a good dime on lunch and dinner! As such, here are our tips for those wanting to spend 12+ hours exploring London’s streets. 

Is London Good For A Day Trip

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Wear Good Shoes

Good shoes are imperative when you’re visiting London for the day. Boots/heels don’t do well when you’re trying to explore the city on foot! You’re going to need some proper walking shoes or hiking boots on your side – a lot of streets outside of the city center are uneven, and considering how far you’re going to go, you’re going to need some padding under your arches to make those steps less intense on your bones. 

Pack Light

London is not the city to traipse through when you’ve got a suitcase under your arm! So when you get into the city for the first time, leave your stuff somewhere like the luggage storage st pancras station and then head out for a good day without any restrictions. 

Indeed, it’s not just about taking too much baggage with you that’ll make it hard to walk. You’ll also be unable to enter most galleries and museums if you’ve got giant luggage with you, and they’ll need to be ‘checked’ at reception desks anyway. So store it early on! Plus, station luggage storage is a lot cheaper than having to get a hotel room for the afternoon. 

Don’t Try to Walk Everywhere

While London is one of the most walkable cities in the world, you’re still going to walk your feet off if you try to do the whole city in one day! Even when you’ve got those good walking shoes that help you to stay comfortable under all that pressure, you’re going to ache and be very sore when it’s time to get on the train or plane again. 

So get on the bus, or use the tube, and save your legs for another day. Walking everywhere is a noble goal, but it’s going to tire you out and even make you cranky, which is not the right mood to be in when you’re visiting such a great city! 

Get a Bird’s Eye View

London is a very beautiful landscape when you see it from on high. As such, make you stop for a bird’s eye view when you’re visiting. Going up The Shard, for example, is a great way to get a good view while also making time for one of the best lunches you’ll ever have in your life. 

Or if you’re not hungry, you can simply stop off in one of the numerous bars for a quick drink – this is perfect for the sunset, or when it’s just tipped over into nighttime and all the lights are starting to come on. The Sky Lounge is a particularly good pick for this purpose.

Go on a Thames Cruise

Cruising along the Thames is a lovely way to spend your time, whether it’s the early morning, middle of the afternoon, or late evening. Riverboats have their own ports at various points along the river, and you can get on and off at any one you like if you’ve got a ticket. 

Sure, the water itself isn’t that nice to look at, but you’ll get a lovely breeze in your hair and be able to see the city from the water, which is super romantic if you’re traveling with your partner. Both of these elements make it a great activity for those hot summer days when London feels like it’s boiling and you just need a moment to cool down! 

Understand the Stations

St Pancras or Kings Cross is close to Trafalgar Square and the National Gallery. It’s also not too far from Kensington and its palace, although you may want to get off at Victoria if this is the part of London you want to explore most of all. 

It’s a great spot – you’ll get to see both the V&A Museum and the Natural History Museum right next door to each other! Big Ben and Westminster is slap bang in the middle; this is a good place to pick up some souvenirs that have a unique London twist. 

Avoid Peak Times on the Underground

Unless you want to be squashed in like sardines, it might be worth it to wait until the peak times have passed if you’re thinking of using the London Underground. These tend to fall in the ‘rush hour’ periods when people are going to work and then coming home. Typically, that’s between 6 and 9 am and then between 5 and 7 pm, respectively. 

London can make a great day trip. Just make sure you’ve planned things out and have a proper itinerary to follow! You wouldn’t want to miss out on some of the best sites known to man, nor lose any time in a Soho bar where the drinks are tasty and the atmosphere is second to none. Let our little guide help you make your day out in London one of the best of your life!

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