5 Scuba Diving Essentials for Beginners

5 Scuba Diving Essentials for Beginners from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

Scuba diving is one of the most adventurous and thrilling sports in the world. Scuba divers are able to swim among sea creatures, explore the world under the sea and come back with hundreds of stories to share. Scuba diving is a true test of how you perform under unforeseen circumstances, with creatures of the surprising world.

If you ever think about becoming a scuba diver, there are a few essentials you must definitely acquire first. Here is a list of the items you need before you can even think about diving into the deep, blue sea:

1. Scuba Regulator

As the name suggests, this is a regulator that adjusts the pressure inside the oxygen tank of the diver or swimmer as per the pressure outside in the sea. This regulator allows you to breathe normally, without feeling a lot of pressure or taking in a lot of oxygen at the same time. Before entering the water, it is essential to maintain oxygen levels and your body levels as per the water.

During the training for scuba diving, you will notice that this is a prerequisite item for all the beginners. It is ideal for breathing underwater and staying oxygenated. You can learn more about the kinds of scuba diving regulators and their advantages by logging on to http://scubalist.pro/best-regulator.

2. Dive Computer

One of the greatest mistakes scuba divers make is losing the idea of time and depth of water. For all beginners, it is vital to know how much time they’ve spent under water and the extent of the depth of water they can swim in, considering their low capacity.

It is easier to keep track of the amount of time and the depth of water once you have a dive computer. It is available in the form of a wristwatch, which makes it easier to sport and keep track without adding extra weight to yourself.

3. Wetsuit

You cannot be a scuba diver unless you have a wetsuit. A wetsuit is not like your regular swimsuit. It is made of a tougher material and can be used multiple times during diving among sea creatures without worrying about damage. Your wetsuit comes in different styles: full sleeves, shorts, sleeveless etc. You can choose the style that fits you best.

4. Drysuit

Just like you have your wetsuit, you also need a drysuit to make sure you have something to change into when you’re done with your swim. A drysuit is made of parachute material that stays dry and does not absorb any water. If you’re out of the cold water and immediately want to change into something warmer, this is the best suit to keep you from feeling cold. Wear your drysuit and stand in the sun for half an hour. You won’t feel cold any longer!

5. Buoyancy Compensator

This is basically a jacket that makes you stable among the water pressure and waves. This stabilizes the pressure around you and keeps your body at a normal pace while swimming in the water. This compensator allows you to remain neutral even if you’re swimming among high tides and waves.

It is an excellent way to control the water pressure and maintain your body’s position, especially if you’re a beginner scuba diver. You will not feel overwhelmed with the water hitting your body and neither will you feel out of control while swimming.

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