How to Create a Stunning Summer Style in 6 Simple Steps

How to Create a Stunning Summer Style in 6 Simple Steps from North Carolina Lifestyle Adventures of Frugal Mom

A new season could equal a new style. Before you head off on a shopping spree to buy garments that take your fancy, you should learn how to perfect your style this summer. A few little tips could be all you need to have the most stylish summer yet.

If you want to ensure all eyes are on you when you’re at a BBQ, garden party, or another summer event, read on to find out how to create a stunning summer wardrobe in six simple steps.

  1. Staple Denim Shorts

Denim shorts are a staple summer item that every woman should have in her wardrobe. This flexible garment can complement almost any item of clothing, from a simple vest to a white blouse. It’s one item of clothing you’ll never regret adding into your closet.

  1. A Beautiful Maxi Dress

Nothing will grab the attention of others quite like a beautiful maxi dress that has the wow factor. It’s the perfect summer dress, as you can wear it for an al fresco dinner party, drinks with friends, or at a wedding. Simply look for a design and color that complements your body and skin tone, such as a plus size maxi dress.

  1. Seasonal Shoes

Shoes can become the focal point of an outfit, as they can either complement or detract from your overall style. For example, the right pair of shoes can add a touch of glamour or color to a simple outfit, which can make you appear effortlessly stylish. Opt for a stunning pair of sandals that complement the color of a plain t-shirt, or a summery pair of heels that pull out the colors from your maxi dress.

  1. Revamp Your Old Clothing

A new season doesn’t mean you need to say goodbye to your old clothing. A few little tweaks and changes to your wardrobe could transform your style. For example, a new white blazer can highlight the color and texture of a colorful t-shirt or blouse, or you could distress denim to give the garment a brand-new look. Mix and match staple pieces to breathe new life into your style, which will ensure your look stands out this summer.

  1. A Classic Pair of Sunglasses

If you want to look effortlessly stylish this summer, you should buy a classic pair of sunglasses. The timeless accessory will not only look cool, but it can protect your eyes and prevent you from squinting in the sun.

If you’re looking for something a little contemporary, choose either colored or mirrored lenses. However, never attempt to match colored lenses to the colors you’re wearing, or you’ll look as if you’re trying too hard to be stylish.

  1. An Eye-Catching Watch

As you’ll more than likely be showing more skin during summer, you should invest in stunning accessories that will capture people’s attention. For example, people are bound to notice a gorgeous watch against your bronzed skin, and you should opt for a neutral-colored band to ensure the timepiece complements your bright summer styles.

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