Home Architecture Guide: Explore all Types of Chicago Homes in Detail

Home Architecture Guide- Explore all Types of Chicago Homes in Detail from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

“There seems to be a different Chicago around every street corner, behind every bar, and within every apartment, two-flat, cottage, or bungalow. City of immigrants or city of heartless plutocrats, say what you will, Chicago almost defies interpretation. In many ways, Chicago is like a snake that sheds its skin every thirty years or so and puts on a new coat to conform to a new reality.” – Dominic A. Pacyga, “Chicago: A Biography”

A sentence or two is never enough to explain why Chicago is one of the most famous cities in the world. It’s beautiful and one of the largest cities we have in the world. From the best attractions to remarkable architecture, there is a lot to explore, see and get amazed at. 

The sky-high towers visible from miles away are living proof of its robust architecture. This makes Chicago’s residential market one of the plushest industries possible in the world. This market is expanding and transforming at a blazing fast pace. This has given the residents plenty of architectural options to choose from. 

Some of the iconic and preferred home architectures in Chicago are – 

Bungalows – Chicago’s metro region has more than 100,000 bungalows. It is one of the ancient home architecture types that people are still drooling over. This structure sought the maximum attention in the 20th century when Windy City’s new worker cottage was constructed. Such bungalows are constructed with limestone accents, concrete entry, and street-facing verandas giving it a vintage look. 

The Zinc House – The trend came into existence in the 19th century. It is an adaptive re-use of the already existing buildings. Usage of zinc makes the home warm inside out. Otherwise, the regular home construction is done using concrete which may leave a non-finished or mid-grey cemented look on the outside. Here, Chicago architects dSpace Studio experts recommend highlighting a zinc house with dramatic integration with the overall landscape. Another tip is to enhance its beauty with solar shading and well-focused skyline views. 

The River Houses – No, it has nothing to do with a river flowing beside your residential property. Instead, it is an off-grid water access property with a private water pontoon look. Here, the home design should be inspired by contemporary home architecture with a subtle lighting system. 

Chicago’s Greystone Home – This home architecture is the best way to steal everyone’s attention. Made up of a distinct limestone facade, it’s a multi-flat greystone architecture giving your property a perfect 1800s look. Generally, these homes are ideal for single families. The overall structure is somewhere similar to a stacked apartment with a single-street entrance made with greystone. This house type is spacious, and you may find them similar to the workers’ cottage.

The last word – 

Working on your dream home project makes more sense when blending it with Chicago’s best architectural practices. From the iconic designs to the interior work-frame, there are plenty of reasons why you should settle for it. Before you jump on the architectural part, don’t forget to join hands with a reliable service provider.

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