Important Things to Take to the Beach with your Toddler

Important things to take to the beach with your toddler from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

People remain busy with their work whether it’s related to household or professional activities. And, all need regular breaks to keep on moving smoothly in life. There are many sources of entertainment. You can get them at both online and offline sites. And, you’d agree that offline entertainment is better than online one due to some natural elements like fresh air and greenery.

And, if you’re a mom/dad and want to go somewhere with your toddler for refreshment, we think that you should go to a beach site. Alright, we know what you’re thinking. You’d be wondering why we are asserting your visit to some beach! Guys, there are many reasons. And, we’ll tell you the story of our neighbors to explain them. Do read the story below if you want to know the details.

Mr. and Mrs. Jones were having very hard days last year due to some overwork in their home and offices. The days were difficult due to their duties for their cute little doll (daughter), Mary. And, all they wanted was to spend holidays on a beautiful site for refreshing their minds. They chose a beach site because they felt that beaches are miraculous in charging humans due to:

  1. Fresh cool air
  2. Bright sunlight
  3. Sand games
  4. Refreshment stalls
  5. Soothing scenes of the sea and much more

Hmm, we think that you’ve understood why you should choose a beach site for your entertainment. Right! Now, let’s talk about some important items that you should carry to the beach with your toddler. These items are:

  1. Sunscreen products: Sunscreen products are one of the most important things that you need to take for your toddler at the beach. Your toddler’s sensitive soft skin requires sunscreen massage. If you don’t do this massage, his/her skin will be badly affected by being exposed to harmful sunlight rays at the beach.  

We recommend you to use a sunscreen item with a minimum potency of SPF 15 (sun protection factor 15) so that your kid’s skin could remain protected against UVA (ultraviolet A) and UVB (ultraviolet B) rays. We suggest so because this minimum SPF requirement is the guideline of the American Academy of Pediatrics.  

And, we think that you should apply sunscreen spray in place of sunscreen lotion or cream to avoid caking your baby’s skin. One more reason for using sunscreen sprays is that these sprays are easier to apply to the human skin than sunscreen creams or lotions.

  1. Foldable beach wagon: We know that you can’t hold your toddlers in your lap for a long time at the seaside. That’s why you should put your kids in a collapsible beach wagon there so that they could be moved around easily. And, you could also remain relaxed while moving your kids around.
  2. Sun hats with velcro ties: You should also pack sun hats with velcro ties in your bag for your toddler. We know that your toddler’s protection from heat matters a lot for you. Therefore, we suggest you bring these hats on the beach with your cute little angel. The benefit of these sun hats is that your kid’s head, neck, and face remains protected from the scorching heat.
  3. Swim armbands, water shoes, and swimsuits: If your kids love water games, you must pack some swimsuits, water shoes, and swim vests in your bag to make those games enjoyable for them.        
  4. Wet dry bags: Never forget to bring your wet dry bags with your toddlers to the beach. You could add a baby powder, rash guard, water bottle, portable fan, snacks, beach toys, swim diapers, and some extra dry clothes in these bags for your peaceful stay at the site.  
  5. Other items: There are some other products that we feel you should bring to the seaside with your munchkins. These items are beach chairs, baby pools, rain umbrellas, cooler bags, and pop up beach tents. 

So, you should carry these above products for a trip to some beach for an enjoyable day(s) with your toddlers.

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