Costs and Tips for a Cheap Relocation in London

Costs and Tips for a Cheap Relocation in London by North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

Truth be told, London is an incredible city that attracts millions of people from all over the world. London is also an expensive city and relocating here might not be easy. Statistics derived from states that London tops the list of the most expensive cities in the world. From the data given, the cost of fuel in the UK is double the cost of the same amount of fuel in the US. In addition, rent in the UK is high, with London properties typical cost estimated to be more than £2,500 a month. Therefore, relocating to London on a budget is close to impossible, but following the tips below will help you to save money and make informed decisions on relocation.

Putting a short stay apartment into consideration

The first and most crucial thing to think about when considering relocation is accommodation. There are numerous estate agents available to ease your burden of relocation, but it’s advisable to visit their websites and view the property you wish to buy or rent to confirm that it meets your standards. Before moving to London permanently, you can plan on a prior visit where you will have ample time to view different properties as you weigh them. Nevertheless, the most challenging part is those prior visits are too way expensive. You may opt to spend your nights on hotels, where you will have to spend £131 per night as estimated by 2013 Hotels Price Index Report. When you add this cost to the transport fee, it might not add up to your potential.

Instead of considering prior visits, look for a short-term accommodation that will meet your needs without excessive spending. Having one will give you ample time to view the properties and make an informed decision on where to relocate to permanently. In case you are stuck on where to find these services, Short Let London is a company that got your back, as it provides short-term lets in London at competitive prices. Another way to save your money especially on your day to day item purchase is to use a coupon, where the amount reflected on your coupon will be deducted from your total bill.

Seek alternative transport

The transport system is paramount as far as relocation is concerned. Using your private car could be a good idea, but it comes with myriads of challenges such as the high cost of petrol, traffic jams, and noisy roads. The best thing is that London has an amazing transport system, where you can get around the city quickly and fast using London underground and double-decker buses which offers you a unique view of the city. Even though the available transport systems are expensive, they are worthwhile. If you wish to use the London Underground, for instance, it’s worth understanding that the cost of tickets for zones 1-7 is £7. Considering this amount and the days you wish to use it, you realize how expensive it becomes. However, you can get an Oyster Card. In London, transport systems allow you to swipe your prepaid card when starting and ending your journey, thus saving money for something else.

Look out for vouchers

London has a lot of attractions where everybody wishes to visit. As expected, the entry fee is quite expensive but manageable with vouchers. Some of the attractions such as Madame Tussauds, Thorpe Park, and London Dungeons offer discount vouchers thus saving you money.

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