Cabin Fever: Ways To Shake It Off And Lift Your Spirits This Spring

Cabin Fever: Ways To Shake It Off And Lift Your Spirits This Spring from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

Winter 2020 was one of the most challenging winters in history. COVID-19 rates skyrocketed, civil unrest reached new heights, and epic snowstorms and natural disasters ravaged regions like never before. While first responders and essential workers had no choice but to get up and leave the house every day, millions of people stayed indoors. Although it was the safest decision for many reasons, cabin fever, long-periods of sadness, and mental health problems developed. 

There’s nothing like feeling trapped inside your house while the world around you is falling apart. It makes you feel helpless, anxious, and afraid. Add to that the often gloomy and unpredictable winter weather, and you’ve got a recipe for disaster. The good news is that spring has finally sprung. So, it’s time to shake off those negative feelings and find reasons to enjoy life again. Here are some suggestions. 

Spruce Up Your Yard

If you’re not ready to venture back into the world just yet, make use of your backyard. It’s a personal outdoor space where you and your family can get some fresh air, lounge, play, eat, and entertain. If your yard needs some improvements, now is the perfect time to tackle them. It gives you something to do and look forward to when it’s complete. Whether you mow the lawn and trim the trees or repaint your deck and purchase patio furniture, it’s great exercise and an excellent addition to your living space. 

Hit The Gym

Exercise is beneficial for your physical and emotional health. If you’ve been a couch potato this winter, joining a gym can get you back on track. Do an online search to see if there are gyms in San Diego or in a city near you that are open to the public. Learn more about their cleaning and sanitization methods to ensure members are safe. Then, develop a schedule that works best for you. Try to take advantage of all the resources available, from personal trainers to fitness classes.

Community Events

Outdoor events are the safest option during the pandemic. The open space makes it easier to social distance while the fresh air reduces the virus’s chances of spreading. During the spring, communities tend to host events to attract locals and tourists. Check your city or state’s official website to learn about upcoming events. Whether you attend a food truck festival at a state park or a street fair in your neighborhood, it’s a great way to get out, reconnect, and have some safe fun. 

Day Trips

Although many borders have reopened and travel restrictions have loosened, there are still significant risks in traveling long distances. That doesn’t mean that you can’t get out and explore. Day trips can be just and fun and eventful without compromising your health and safety. There are likely places in your home town or neighboring cities that you’ve never visited before. You can plan a day at the beach, go on a city tour, or schedule a hike and picnic at the park. 

Road Trips

If you’re really anxious to get the heck out of dodge, then your best bet is to plan a road trip. Now that winter is over; the roads are a lot safer. The beautiful spring weather opens the doors for more activities and events you can do and explore along the way. Just ensure that you plan efficiently and take precautions like wearing a mask and social distancing. 

If you’ve been cooped up in your house this past winter (or longer), you probably have a case of cabin fever. Although the world is not out of the woods yet, you must do what you can to lift your spirits and enjoy life. Now that spring is here; you have several options to consider. Whether you spend the season hanging in your new and improved backyard or you plan a road trip with your family, these experiences can help you shake off the blues and smile.

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