How to Organize a Soccer Bag

how to organize a soccer bag

Disclosure: I received a complimentary set of Miu Color Packing Cubes in exchange for this post.  During this time of the year, my daughter Mikaela lives out of her soccer bag, with games two to three times a week, practices and then training sessions with her trainer her soccer bag can get quite messy. Disorganized would be a nice word but since we have started using Miu Color Packing Cubes to organize it, it is very well put together. I can remember the times when I would get a frantic call before a game asking me when we are getting there because she forgot to pack her soccer socks or that she left one shin guard at home. But since putting this system in place, she is never without all the items she needs. Just take a look at how organized she is. And keep reading for some tips on how to organize a soccer bag.

clothing bags

This set of packing cubes come three bags for clothes and one bag for shoes. Having four bags is entirely awesome.

How to Organize a Soccer Bag

She uses one bag for the clothes that she changes out of and to hold her uniform. I will, however, say that I wish she was neater when she puts her clothes away like folding them but at this point I am just happy that she is organized.

How to Organize a Soccer Bag

Another bag she uses to hold all her snacks. Because she gets out of school at 4:30 and games typically start at 6 and is expected to be out on the field by 4:45 she doesn’t have time to get something eat so she uses this bag to pack granola bars, protein bars, protein drinks, water and any other snack that we have on hand that she feels will fill her up. She does watch the amount of sugar she eats during the soccer season.

How to Organize a Soccer Bag

In another bag, she puts all her first aid items. She has ibuprofen, band aids, tape for her ankles and knees, as well many different ointments that she might need during the game or at practice. She also stores her knee brace in there.

cleat bag

The last bag stores my daughter’s soccer cleats, her most prized possessions, soccer socks, shin guards, and compression sleeves for her shins. If you are wondering what the faded writing on the cleats is, it is the autograph of one of her favorite players.

She says that she feels better about this year because she is much more organized than she was last year. I can honestly say that I feel better as well, and I don’t get the phone calls asking me to bring something to the games anymore because she has it all with her. I also feel better about this organization system because they all fit nicely in her soccer bag, and I love that they are color-coordinated. ( That was totally an accident) So tell me do you think this organizational system would work in your child’s sports bag? Let me know if you have found other ways to be more organized I still have a 12-year-old that I need to get more organized. There is always something else isn’t there? A parent’s work is never done.

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  1. My kids are karate kids, so they have these huge gear bags. There is no real good way to organize them, though – sadly.

  2. Well you have your organizing skills down pat. I can imagine how you would need to keep everything organized with teens.

  3. Wow, you are super organised! I never knew so much went into a soccer, or football bag as we call it here in Ireland.

  4. My daughter’s cheer season is about to start back up, and I think these tips would work perfect for her as well. I never thought to use multiple bags!

  5. That’s a great way to organize a soccer bag. My grands are beginning their baseball season. Some of them like the sports backpacks and a couple of them like the long bags.

  6. I could have used your tips when my son played soccer. I love how organized your daughter is it does certainly does make life go easier when everything needed is packed and ready for when she needs it.

  7. This organization would definately work with Tyler and Alyssa’s sports bags, thanks so much for sharing. I was really disappointed to learn that the kids weren’t going to play ball this year because I always love taking them with me to select their sports bags.

  8. These sound great! I have a set coming for review too and can’t wait to use them. Great review!

  9. It’s so good that your little one feels secure and organized with all the new bags. I’m huge on having bags for everything and being as organized as possible so I love this review!

  10. As a mom AND a former soccer player, I love this! I loved my soccer bag and you’re right it IS OUR PRIZED POSSESSIONS! Good luck with the season!!

  11. This is a great soccer bag to bring to the games. My kids used to play soccer when they were little.

  12. Is that actually a mom thing? My mom’s crazy about organizing my stuff too hehe!

  13. Those organizers are nice to have, you can separate each item. I have these mini organizing bags for traveling and uses it every time we go somewhere.

  14. This is our first year with more than one kid in sports so we are finding the routine that works best for us. This is great advice and such a cool bag. We are in the middle of softball and baseball right now but soon to follow will be basketball and football and cheerleading.

  15. Very cool! We will be starting up soccer again very soon so this is great to know. They seem like great little bags!

  16. What a neat way to organize! I bet that would be helpful for any type of sport that kids participate in.

  17. Very smart,- and yes I always have said that I wish my son would be neater – now that he has roommates, he is a lot better – I love the way you’ve organized and certainly would help with the last minute drama issues!

  18. None of my kids play soccer but I think this is a great way to stay organized. Love it!

  19. My son is going to be in soccer here soon. I can’t wait! This is a great way to get organized!

  20. This is a great idea. I always just threw everything in the car. Big mistake!

  21. All 3 of y kids were in soccer and it was always a nightmare getting their bags organized. Great tips! Thanks for sharing.

  22. Oh, I’d never considered using packing organizers to organize a sports bag! We generally use them when traveling, and I love them. Makes sense to put them to use when not traveling too, of course. Great idea!

  23. These packing cubes make being organized very very easy. I have several of these packing cubes which I use for traveling and when I go to the gym so I know helpful these must be for your daughter’s soccer bag. It helps keep things neat, intact, and easy-to-find.

  24. These bags are great. Kiddo isn’t in any sports but hubs could use these for all his airsoft gear.

  25. Great Idea, we’ve got two that are just getting into sports now, so we are starting to feel the pain of gear bags and travel teams. Gonna take some of these ideas and put them to use.

  26. I love it when bags can be organized like this – making it so easy and convenient to use.

  27. These bags look to be so useful and they can also hold a lot. I love how organized the bags make everything. This could come in handy indeed. Thanks for sharing.

  28. OH, I love this system! I bet it could be used for lots of things besides sports 🙂

  29. My son plays soccer and it is his 4th season now but we never brought a soccer bag since he started. He just always bring a bottle of water and gatorade. 🙂

  30. this is great to know! My daughter is 3 so she doesn’t really play sports yet, but she might be a soccer player one day so this would come in handy if she were to pick up the sport 😉

  31. Oh cool that she got an autograph from one of her favorite players! I really like the style of these bags too.

  32. This is really helpful. My son is the little soccer player in our family.

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