Top 6 Things To Consider When Buying Sports Equipment

top 6 things to consider when buying sports equipment

Being a mom of a soccer player I am always on the lookout for quality sports equipment. Equipment that will not only last but will help alleviate injuries as well.

No sport can be totally safe but we can still take precautions to make it safer by not buying cheap and poor quality equipment. Here is a list of things to take into account when looking for sports equipment.

  • Only buy gear that is appropriate for the age and skill level of the athlete. Never buy with the idea that there will be room to grow into. All sports equipment should fit properly to avoid an injury. I know we knew when my oldest soccer cleats went flying off during a game it was time  to get new one.
  • Don’t go overboard to begin with. Don’t buy a ton of equipment until you know your athlete will stick with it.
  • Make sure that all protective items like helmets and shin guards are brand new. No skimping there because they tend to wear down over time. So you might consider replacing them every year.
  • Shell out the extra money for shoes. Also make sure that they allow your athlete to move properly and that they are comfortable. Mikaela had a pair of cleats she got one for Christmas that caused her to have painful shin splints. Once we replaced her cleats and got her some compression sleeves, her shin splints went away.
  • Get opinions from people you respect. Coaches and other parents are a great resource for researching brands before you buy.


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So tell me what do you look for in sports equipment?

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  1. I do like that you warn your readers against overbuying sports equipment at the beginning. After all, you want to make sure that your young athlete will stick with the sport in the long run. Once you’re sure they have a passion for the sport then you can look into getting them more equipment.

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