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Desk DIY using Dixie Belle Paint

At the beginning of the year, you may remember I wrote about the word dedication. It was the one word that I wanted to focus on in my life. Rededicating myself to my friends, my family, God and the job I love so much…. Blogging. Before I go any further, I have to say that I received paint samples to help with this desk DIY.

But I will admit that when it comes to blogging, I have been a little unorganized. This is where the dedication part comes in. Not only have I thinned out the categories on the blog into the following

  • Faith & Family
  • Adventures / Travel
  • House and Home
  • DIY
  • Recipes
  • Blogging / Giving Back
  • Allie’s Corner ( Pets)

This gives me a focus. Plus, I also can plan out blog content for a month at a time using these categories. Making it so  much easier to blog,
But I am also working on my workspace.

dixie paint redo

To say my desk was cluttered would so be an understatement. It was a hot mess. I have gone through several desks since I started on this blogging journey. When we moved into our house, I decided I wanted something smaller than the round corner desk that I had. So I asked my dad if he wanted it for his office and I got a computer armoire.

sneak peek of desk DIY

Long story short, two desks laters, my mom asked me at Thanksgiving if I wanted my old desk back. I started thinking about it and said yes. So I guess you can say I said Yes to the Desk.  (Sorry I had to go there.)

I mean to have a desk that I had first and that my dad used and now it is mine again just seemed right.

Of course, it needed a few cosmetic changes. I so wish I had taken before pictures but totally forgot until after I was halfway through the process.

Total Hot Mess Desk DIY
This was my old hot mess desk.

The first thing I had to do was to empty my old desk and boy was that a job. Having a desk with drawers doesn’t help with clutter. Then Raul went to my mom’s to get my dad’s old desk. Three trips later, it sat in my living room in three pieces while I painted it.

I used Dixie Belle paint to paint it. I love how easy it was to apply and the drying time was fantastic. This was crucial because Myelin and Helix ( the grand kitties) were down visiting.

Dixie Paint Company New desk with Helix Desk DIY

I love using Dixie Belle Paint because of these things.

  • High-quality mineral paint– offers excellent coverage, a rich, flat finish, and dries incredibly fast.
  • Choose from a variety of colors–  From Amethyst purple to Pure Ocean blue, and everything in between, there is a shade for everyone.
  • Use on almost any surface– Wood, metal, glass, laminate, ceramic, concrete and even fabric!
  • Easy to use– Requires no sanding, priming, or waxing – just clean the surface and paint.
  • Eco-friendly option– No VOCs, water-based, and non-toxic.
  • Proudly made in the U.S.A.

I loved the way it turned out. I mean just look for yourself.

Dixie Paint Company Desk DIY

I love my new workspace and have found that I get more things done during the day not than when my desk was a cluttered mess. And don’t you love how the writing supply rack made from an old wine rack goes perfectly with the desk?

[info_box type=”pale_box”]Disclosure: I received complimentary samples to create my new workspace.[/info_box]

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