How To Make Your Dog Instagram Famous

How to Make Your Dog Instagram Famous from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

When it comes to running a successful Instagram account that’ll make you money, there are lots of great ideas out there. But one of the best involves man’s best friend: the dog. There are so many famous doggos out there, cute and adorable, that people follow obsessively–and it’s all with the added treat that their owners get to make some money from it. And lately, you’ve been thinking that you could do the same. After all, your dog is always doing super-cute things, and anytime you post a video, your friends love it, even share it. When it comes to posting pictures of your dog on Instagram, you’ve even been getting likes and shares from people you don’t know. If you want to increase your pet’s Instagram followers, visit  Viral Race.

If you want to make your dog Instagram famous, it’s all about knowing what strategies to use. By understanding the dog-loving audiences online and posting the right ways, you can start making money fast–and here’s how.

1. Think about what makes your dog special

We already know that you love your dog and that everything your dog does is special. But if you want your little guy (or girl!) to stand out in the Instagram world, then you need to understand what makes them stand out according to other people. Does he move his head in a funny way, or bark along, whenever you strum something on the guitar? Does she love wearing different kinds of hats? Whatever it might be, you need to focus on this one thing and make it the focus of the account. Once it’s taken off, you can get a little more creative, but in the meantime, your audience needs to know what to expect.

Considering that 51 percent of Instagrammers user access the platform daily, so if you give them what they’re visiting for, you’ll be quite successful.

2. Research your audience and create an aesthetic

Once you’ve figured out what kind of content you’re going to be posting, you need to figure out how you’re going to show it off in terms of aesthetics. That’s why it’s so important to research your audience and develop an Instagram brand persona. For example, if your blog is dog travel themed (lots of dog selfies on the beach in Barcelona), then you may want to go for fancy fonts and a filter that brings out the beauty of where you’re shooting. Once you’ve started using the Insights feature–which comes for free when you switch to a Business for the Instagram account–you can learn about which posts are most successful, and the age and location of most of your followers.

Buying followers on Instagram is a popular way to increase your reach and visibility. However, there are a few things you need to know before you buy IG followers. First, make sure that the followers you buy are real people; fake followers will only hurt your account’s credibility. Next, be sure to buy followers from reputable vendors. Finally, be sure to follow the guidelines outlined in this article to keep your account safe and healthy.

3. Plan ahead–and use the Buffer App

Once you’ve figured out what content to post, and how to show it off, it’s time to plan how often you’re going to post. Obviously, you should be doing this regularly, but when it comes to managing social media, chances are you don’t have a social media manager handling it all for you. That’s why you need to create a social media calendar or use the Buffer App to keep all your content posted on time. Considering that teens have abandoned Facebook in favor of other social media platforms such as Instagram and Snapchat, it’s smart to get ahead on all your Instagram posts.

4. Make connections in your industry

One of the best thing about running a doggie Instagram? That everyone will want to meet your dog, which makes networking in your industry way easier. As explained in Brit, you can “Head to dog park meetups, attend social media conferences and talk up their Instagram handle whenever you can — like when someone stops you on the street to pet (or just straight up google) your dog…Also, have some fun with commenters, and reply to people online.”

Additionally, don’t forget to interact constantly with your followers. Reply to comments, and follow back Instagrammers in your industry. Connect with influencers, and find out if they’d like to be in a shoot with your pooch. The more creative and open you are to these opportunities, the better you’ll do. Considering that Instagram’s engagement rate is 15 times that of Facebook, the more you connect on this platform, the better your business will do. To learn more about social media tips, check out Social Media Explorer.

These are some of the best strategies for making your dog Instagram famous and building up a business that gives you an excuse to spend more time with your best bud. What other strategies do you think would be effective?

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