How Can a Wireless Dog Fence Protect Your Pet?

How Can a Wireless Dog Fence Protect Your Pet from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

As a pet lover, you must constantly be troubled by the thought of keeping them safe and secure within your house limits. Investing in dog protection equipment like a wiez wireless dog fence can help you set boundaries within invisible fences.

A wireless electronic fence can help to prevent your pet from running away through the gates in the front yard or the backyard. These fences offer total protection, unlike physical fences that may break or lose boards with time.

Read on to understand how investing in a wireless dog fence can help to keep your furry friend under constant surveillance.

How Does a Wireless Electric Pet Fence Work?

According to recent reports, the Covid-19 pandemic triggered the demand for electronic dog fences. People used it as a preventive measure to restrict their pets within their home gardens and curb the spread of the virus.

Invisible dog fences consist of three main components. 

  • Transmitters
  • Antennas
  • Receivers

When you set up an invisible barrier like a wiez wireless dog fence, you will attach transmitters to each of the leads around your yard. These transmitters are connected by underground wires that pass electronic signals to the user.

The receiver is connected to your pet’s collar. When your pet tries to cross your set boundaries, the transmitters will send a radio signal through the wires. The signals work on the concept of motion detection.

The collar has different methods to warn your pet. They will hear a warning tune along with a vibration or a tolerable electronic shock, or a citronella spray will be squirted on your pet’s face. The safe static sensation doesn’t harm your pet and only stops them from crossing the fence. A wireless transmitter unit covers a distance of 15-90 feet of the boundary area.

You can set up the base station of the transmitter inside a safe, inaccessible place like a utility area or a storage room. The product comes with a simple design and is easy to install with manual instruction.

What are the Benefits of Installing a Wireless Dog Fence?

Installing a proper containment zone for your pet is imperative to keep them safe and secured.

Here are the few benefits of investing in a wireless fence for your furry friend.

  1. As long as the terrain is suitable, a pet protection technology like the wiez wireless dog fence can be set up quickly. 
  2. The system is easily portable as the installation is cheap or sometimes free of cost.
  3. You can set up a regulated moving area for your pets around your house with proper training methods.
  4. You can also pair it with your physical fence for added support or safety.
  5. You can connect the wireless fencing system to multiple collars and protect all your pets together.
  6. A wireless fence’s maintenance cost is cheaper than a physical fence, which is subject to constant wear and tears in severe climatic conditions.

Final Thoughts

A wireless dog fence is attached to a collar with a GPS tracker. This adds further to convenience as you can locate your pet if they are out of sight. A pet is a dear member of the family and can be hard to manage sometimes like a child, but with the proper measures taken to keep them in check, you can get the stress of keeping a constant eye on them off your shoulders. If you own a large breed of canine, you can also choose a collar with a harness attached to it for better control.

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