Protecting Your Kitty FurBabies

Hey Folks,

Tyger and Jinxy here.  Before we start posting we have to disclose that our mommy received samples in order for us to write this post. We are taking over from Allie because she is just being a dog today and she doesn’t want to work. You know how lazy dogs are. 🙂 Plus sometimes we like to get in on this blogging gig as well.

We want to talk to you about something that is very important to us, especially since we are outside kitties. The important issue is flea and tick prevention. We will admit that when our human mommy and daddy grabbed us to put on our Catego flea and tick control on us. We weren’t too happy.

Tyger and Feliway Wipes

Well, Tyger ( this is Jinxy, talking right now) was being a big brat. She scratched Daddy and she is his little buddy. So they had to use the Feliway wipes to help calm her down. Tyger has always been a kind of on her own terms kitty. I remember when Mommy tried to get her out of from under the hood of the car, because Mommy didn’t want to start the car with her on the engine, and she scratched her.

Tyger here, The wipes worked great because I settled down and allowed my daddy to apply the flea and tick prevention after he did Markie (my birth mommy) and Jinxy, of course.

Momma Markie

Here are a few things I found out about the wipes.

  • They help cats like me feel comfortable.
  • They are easy to use.
  • They aren’t a drug so they are safe for kitties like me. They are only available through your vet- which is great.

I am amazed how I let my daddy apply the Catego on me after this. I think our human sister, Maddie needs to invest in some of these for our brother, Myelin aka Julio, who she adopted. As the vet has to sedate him just to give him his shots.

Jinxy here. Okay, Tyger, you have talked enough now it is my turn to tell Mommy’s readers about Catego, a monthly prevention, and treatment for fleas, ticks, and chewing lice.


Because we are outside 99% of the time, our human mommy wants to make sure we are protected. In fact, just the other day, Daddy found two ticks on Tutu’s,  our big doggie sister, eyes. Of course, he immediately removed them and we treated her for fleas and ticks as well.

Tutu is one of my best friends.I am not afraid of her unlike Markie (my birth mommy) and Tyger (my twin) I love to hang out with her. Allie, on the other hand, I love to torture.

Jinxy and Catego

I was amazed by how quick and easy Catego was for my daddy to apply. I love how it is made just for cats. Because let’s face it – CATS RULE THE WORLD!! (insert evil laugh here.)

I also love how Mommy can it get through her favorite online store, Amazon. (Hello, Amazon Prime) And soon it will be available at Pet Smart, where mommy buys our food. So she kills two birds with one stone. Oh speaking of killing, I am so proud of myself, I bagged a bunny the other day in the backyard. Yep, I am a lean mean fighting machine.

Tyger here. Okay, Jinxy, stop that bragging. You know that the bunny was my best friend.

Okay, folks, Mommy says it is time to wrap up this post before it becomes a cat fight. ( Sorry, not sorry, we had to go there.)

So until next time,

Tyger and Jinxy

The Twins- not identical but everyone knows that I am the pretty one. (Mom note here, they both said this. These crazy furbabies of mine.)




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