How to have a Fun and Frugal Weekend


AFM Fun and Frugal Weekend

Christmas is always a fun time but, as it can also be a costly one, this week’s Frugal Mom’s adventure has been finding ways to have fun and frugal weekends to help us cut back after the festivities. I’ve asked loads of people what sorts of things they do that have the right balance of fun and frugalness – and here is an assortment of my favourite activities to do with the kids and/or the adults.



Most kids of all ages love baking – especially sweet stuff like cookies and cupcakes. Not only can they have fun measuring and mixing and (and let’s not forget the eating) but making your own treats is far cheaper and healthier than buying similar items from the supermarket. Cupcakes are especially fun to make as you can also have lots of fun decorating them as most kids think it’s just an edible form of doing arts and crafts – so go on get in the kitchen this weekend.

Pamper Sessions

When you’ve got three girls, like me, this is something you spend lots of time doing together. Why not spend a bit of time doing each other’s hair and nails or moisturising – especially after Christmas when you’ll probably have received some nice beauty-product presents that you can use. But mums, don’t forget to keep some of your favourite bubble-bath for yourself so you can relax in a nice hot bath after you’ve spent the weekend looking after everyone else.

Playing games


My family loving playing games whatever time of year it is, and we play all sorts of things from cards to charades and Pictionary to the Playstation. We all have our favourites, so like any good family we take it in turns to choose what we play – and everyone plays whether we really like that game or not. Remember the old adage – the family that plays together stays together – it certainly works for us. Fun and frugal at its best!


Online Bingo

I also love playing another type of game when I get a moment to myself – online bingo. It’s really fun as the rules are easy to learn and you can chat to loads of other online bingo players during “Chat games” or in the online communities. The games are fun, too – such as 90-ball bingo where you simply need to make a line or a full-house to win, or 75-ball bingo where you have to make a pre-arranged pattern. You can also win some really good cash prizes and even jackpots. The best bit though is – you can win these cash prizes for free (how frugal is that?) by playing with the “Free Money” some of the online bingo companies give you simply for becoming a member. I like  to play  free bingo at gamevillage.com The free stuff doesn’t end there though as you can also get a bonus of up to 300% on your first deposit and a 50% deposit on all other deposits, too. Check out this website for some great games. But why stop at Bingo you can also find Free Play Slot Machine at cleopatra-slot.co.uk.

Cocktail and Karaoke Night

Two of the most popular fun and frugal nights were Cocktail Nights and Karaoke nights – and I think combining the two could be even more fun. Whilst lots of people said they just did these with the adults, the kids could have non-alcoholic cocktails and enjoy a bit of singing. Either way, it certainly sounds like a fun and frugal weekend treat worth organizing during or after the festive period. Simply find some cocktail recipes, make your menu and then get everyone to bring a bottle of something you need. Meanwhile, if you haven’t got a karaoke machine – you can get most song lyrics online.

I hope you had a great Christmas, now what are your New Year Resolutions?

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  1. If you have children in the home you can create Christmas ornaments with some crayons and scissors. Or you can go for a walk around the neighborhood.

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