Relationship Resolutions for The New Year


AFM Relationship resolutions for the new year


This year I have vowed to spend less time worrying about what others think and more time with the ones I love. With that said here are some resolutions for the new year that deal with my relationships with others. Some of these would only apply to Raul but some can apply to the family.

  1. To say thank you more. Even for the little things showing appreciation makes a person feel better about themselves and want to continue to do the job as well. So as a parent when my girls do something I ask them to do or something I don’t ask them to do but they take it upon themselves to do it than a Thank You will be expressed by me to them. The same thing could apply to hubby as well. I feel like I don’t thank him enough for all that he does for us. So that is a big one that I will be working on this year.
  2. To have a little more fun. I have already started on that one already. Spending time as a family and planning our impromptu New Year’s party.
  3. Spend more time together at night. Instead of going into our respective rooms at night I vow to spend one night with all of us enjoying something as a family.
  4. More Date Nights. That one would apply to my husband. But I also think that it could apply to each one of my girls, spending a little one on one time with each of the girls is an awesome idea.
  5. Getting healthy for each other. That is one thing that we are doing already as family. Just watch what a difference a year can make.
  6. Love myself more. I found that the way I feel reflects directly on how I treat those around me. I have learned that I am not perfect I need to be happy with things I can not change and learn that I am awesome in my own right. We all need this don’t we?
  7. Hang out with more couples. Having adult friends are awesome.
  8. Learn each other “Love” Languages. My husband and my love language are very different. I need to be told and shown that love but he just needs to be shown.
  9. Respect each other’s hobbies. That is one thing I think but my husband and I already do for each other.
  10. Take more pictures alone together. I have noticed there never seems to be any pictures of me anywhere. Why because I am always the one behind the camera. This year I vow to get in front of the camera more.

So here are my relationship resolutions for 2014. What are some of yours?

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