How to Host a Fun and Frugal Cookie Swap


AFM cookie swap


There are so many holiday ways that you can host a holiday party this year but why not have a fun and frugal cookie swap. Here are some tips to make your cookie swap successful and FUN!!!

  • Invitations -Keep them simple, they don’t have to be fancy. Recruit your kids to make the invites, making sure to tell your guests the time, place and to bring a couple dozen of their favorite cookie and the recipe as well.
  • Decorations- Keep these simple as well. Remember most of your guests will bring their cookies on platters so keep it low-key.
  • Refreshments The cookies will be the main refreshment. But you can also add a veggie or fruit tray to offset all that sweetness. Add a simple holiday punch, eggnog, coffee or hot chocolate for the beverage of choice. Of course a couple of bottles of wine would be awesome to serve as well.
  • Have bags or tins on hand for your guests to take some of the cookies home along with those recipe cards.

Here are some activities that you can also let your guest know about ahead of time.

  • Have a contest for the best arrangement of cookies.
  • Have a taste testing contest and the winner of the best cookie will get a small prize from you.
  • You could also give a prize for the best decorated cookies as well.
  • Play games like holiday cookie trivia. This will need a little research on your part but it will be worth fun.

And let’s not forget about the kiddies. Get them on the fun of the cookie swap by allowing them to use ready to bake cookie dough to make their own creations.

Hosting a cookie swap can be fun and less work than the traditional holiday party. Plus this type of party you can hold anytime of the year.

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