Hosting a House Party is Easy

I am very happy today to have another one of my good friends guest posting. This one woman juggles so many hats I get dizzy just reading her posts on Facebook.  I hope you enjoy her post on hosting a house party. 

I am so excited to help out my friend Melissa and honored that she would like for me to tell you about something I was introduced to that has been so much fun!

soda stream

Have you ever seen a product on TV and said to yourself, “I wonder if that really works.” or “I wonder how much that costs and if it’s worth it.”  Are you looking for inexpensive ways to get your friends together that does not include them purchasing something from a catalog?  Then you need to check out House Party!

Let me explain what House Party is and then tell you what my experience with them has been.  A lot of companies want to get the word out about their product and they understand that word of mouth advertising, seeing products first hand and getting recommendations from people you know and trust can be the best ways to sell their products.  House Party gives these companies the chance to do just that.  You see a product you think you might like, you apply to host and if you are selected, they send you everything you need to host a party and introduce their product to your friends and family.  House Party has a website.  When you go onto their website, you can look for the companies and products that are currently available for hosting.  There are a variety of products at any one time.  There could be food, drinks, video games, board games, beauty products, photo products, or just anything you could potentially buy in a store or online.  The products are continuously changing.  There is a small catch to this, but I think you will find it is worth it.  You have to agree to host a party inviting at least 10 people and you have to upload pictures of your event to the House Party site when you’re finished.  They will also send you a survey after to get your opinion of the product and the party pack.

I have had the pleasure of hosting several House Parties as recently as last weekend!  I have hosted parties to introduce the Xbox game “Just Dance 3”, Soda Stream, Blue Bunny ice cream, Gevalia café creations, a new novel by author Lisa Jackson and most recently Redbook magazine and L’Oreal Miracle Blur cream.

redbook party

I have attended house parties that my friends have hosted for Shutterfly, Gevalia coffee and Glade scents.

As a host I was given the Xbox game, Soda Stream machine, ice cream, coffee, books, magazines and products all for free for me to keep!  I can tell you I would never have bought a Soda Stream machine myself but my kids love it! Guests get samples of products, coupons for savings on products and in the case of the Shutterfly party I attended, I got to make a FREE photobook.  Best of all, you get your friends together for some great fun and nothing to buy!!

So, if you like to try new things and get your friends together, I hope you will consider applying for a party with House Party. It really is a lot of fun!

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Amy is originally from Maine. She has been married 16 years to her wonderful hubby Steven and they have two very active children. Justin is 14 and Jasmine is 10. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work and works for Wilson County DSS full time but likes to also spend time attending the kids’ activities and on her side businesses with The Pampered Chef and Amy LaTour Photography.

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  1. That’s pretty cool! I’ll have to check out House Party and see what they offer in terms of products. I already have a soda stream and xbox but I’m sure there are other things.

  2. I am signed up for House party and hope to eventually get chosen to host a party! I Think that it would be so much fun!

  3. I love house party I have hosted a cereal party for them once then I moved and I haven’t had anything from them in almost a year. I wonder if there are tricks to it that I don’t know about looks like you’ve gotten some amazing things from them

  4. This sounds like a lot of fun.I love anything like this,we have a few different companies here that do similar things which I am joined up to.

  5. Wow, you’ve been hosting a lot. I love having people over for parties. It’s so much fun.

  6. That sounds like a great way to try out some new products! Hosting a house party would be lots of fun and the perfect reason to get your friends together.

  7. y neighbor hosts House Parties all the time. She has thrown some great get toegthers. They are so much fun!

  8. I love house party- I remember it. I am actually going to go back and see to reapply because I haven’t been given any parties lately.

  9. Tiffany,
    Here is Amy’s Reply on the soda Stream. I think the Soda Stream machine is pretty cool. If you are an absolute brand specific soda drinker, it may not be for you because it isn’t going to taste exactly like your favorite soda. It is great for my kids though because there is no aspertame and it is a lot better than soda. They get to have a little more of it because I don’t let them drink a lot of soda. They also have Crystal Light flavors, Country Time lemonade and other things like that, which are very yummy. I’m a big fan of Crystal Light Fruit Punch!

  10. I belong to House Party website but I never get picked for their parties but like being a member it’s fun to see everyone’s greet parties.

  11. This is pretty cool! I love to try before I buy. I often hesitate to buy anything on TV because I never know if it’ll be junk or not.

  12. What an amazing concept. I’ve never heard of this before but it sounds like something that my friends and I would really enjoy coordinating.

  13. I have been a member of House Party for a little while but have not signed up for anything. I haven’t really been up for having parties in my home lately.

  14. I’ve always wondered how people did those house parties! They look so fun! Thank you for sharing the secret!

  15. Really?Wow! I would sign up for House Party in a heart beat if it can make my party organizing endeavors a bit easier 🙂 Not to mention, I can get stuff for free too, right? 😉

  16. This does sound like a lot of fun and is certainly a great way for you to get things you would love to have. My biggest problem is I can’t upload pics!!

  17. I don’t think I could ever host a house party. I got crazy scrubbing every surface so the house is sparkling when ever we have guests.

  18. This sounds like it would make having a house party much easier. I also haven’t had a house party in ages. Well, except for one overnight weekend. Thanks for sharing.

  19. I have never heard of this but I can see where it would be a lot of fun and a big bonus is getting some great items.

  20. I haven’t been on the House Party website in such a long time. I think I’ll go check them out again. Thanks for the wakeup call.

  21. I used to love doing House Party parties! I haven’t done one in a while, but they always sent such cool stuff.

  22. I haven’t ever thrown one, but with samples like that to keep I could be swayed. 😉 The soda machine alone would get me… I bet you can make bubbly water in there too! 🙂

  23. I’ve always wanted to try my hand at a house party. The favors that are provided look so awesome! 🙂

  24. I just love house parties. They can be a lot of fun especially when you having fun with friends and family.

  25. I really enjoying inviting friends over, but now that I’ve moved I don’t have that many yet. It would have been great when I lived in my hometown!

  26. I’ve applied for a ton of house parties & have only ever gotten one in a few years. Maybe I need to check them back out again & see if my luck has changed.

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