What To Ask A Moving Service Company Before Hiring One For Your Big Move

Moving from one home to another is a pretty big move, considering the amount of time and effort involved. Many aren’t paying much attention to the process of moving, and often, they brush the idea of planning and just go with calling a moving service company without an idea of what is to come and how things are going to turn out.

Well, don’t make the mistake of cramming everything once your scheduled move is just a week away. Since you aren’t just visiting a place, planning is of utmost importance. One area that you should pay particular attention to is the service you will get from a local moving company.

What To Ask A Moving Service Company Before Hiring One For Your Big Move from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

While it can be tempting to search Google for a company servicing your area – and there can be tons of them online – it takes time to get to know the company. For instance, if you are in the Toronto area, you would google professional Toronto movers to read all the reviews. Come to think of it, are you ready to let strangers hold your precious paintings and other works of art? What about your grand piano?

Before entrusting your possessions to a moving service for your big move, it’s crucial to inquire about a few key aspects of their operation. For instance, when considering Singapore House Movers, you might want to ask about their insurance policies, pricing structure, and any additional services they offer, such as packing or storage. Additionally, inquire about their experience with handling specific items that require special care and their availability on your preferred moving dates, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free relocation.

If not, and you treasure your beloved stuff, making a checklist of the factors that need to be considered when looking for a moving service company is necessary. To find out more, here are the essential questions you need to ask a moving company before hiring them for your big move.

How Long Have You Been In Business?

 You should ask this question whether it is a moving service company or an interior design business. Not saying that startup businesses can’t be trusted, but experience counts. Ask for the company’s proven track records; this will show their ability to deliver and meet expectations.

Also, inquire about their experience with moving specific stuff. If you’re a great art collector, ask if they have moved paintings and sculptures. If you have a lot of fragile items, experience in transferring such things is definitely a plus.

Another factor to consider here is a recommendation. If a company has been in the business for five years but has no references, what does that tell you? Ask for references and call them to make sure they aren’t fake. You can also rely on word of mouth in your quest to find a moving company.

Are You Licensed?

 A license is proof that the company can legally practice a profession or run a business. Moving companies in the US should have a license number issued by the Department of Transportation. If the move is within a state, they should be able to present a state license. Remember to check the number on DOT’s database to verify its legibility.

Are You Insured?

Insurance is a big topic in businesses. Since they’ll be handling your stuff, checking if the company is insured is right. You can check the validity of their insurance on the same website used to verify their license.

It pays to check if they have liability coverage. Licensed movers are usually required to offer at least two coverage options to clients: full value protection, where the mover is liable for the value of the damaged or lost items in your shipment, and released value protection, where the mover is liable for no more than 60 cents per pound per item.

You can also opt to insure your expensive items through a third-party insurer. Before doing this, verify with your homeowner’s insurance policy first if you’re already covered. If the company calls itself a  moving company but is not insured or licensed, back off and find another one.

What Are Your Rates And The Inclusions?

 Don’t let your big move leave a hole in your pocket. A low rate does not mean a low final cost many times. Once the move is made, you’ll be surprised at how the price jumped from a few hundred to thousands. This is because moving companies usually have add-on charges.

Before signing a contract, you should discuss the inclusions and sign a binding estimate. This way, you can expect to pay a price not exceeding what was quoted.

How Long Will The Move Take, And Will There Be Consolidation?

 Consolidation is the process of combining your goods with another person before delivering them. For example, if two families from your state are moving to the same state where you will be moving, the company can consolidate all the properties before transferring them to your respective homes.

Consolidation is a great way for moving companies to save money and time, but it can also lengthen the process. Make sure to verify with the company the details of the moving process so you know what to expect.

Moving as big as moving to another place can be stressful and wearisome, but with support from a reliable moving service company, you can have a hassle-free transfer. So, if you’re ready and have found a moving company, we’ll be the first to greet you with “Welcome to your new home!”

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