Yoga Exercises for Beginners at Home

Yoga Exercises for Beginners at Home by North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

Every individual has her own special reason for practicing Yoga. Reasons range from the health benefits Yoga provides, the relaxation benefits one can derive from Yoga to losing weight. Most Yogis also say that they are doing Yoga to relieve themselves of stress.

Yoga entails a lot of focus, discipline, and dedication. When you practice Yoga regularly the benefits you get from each session will remain in your system until the next time you hit your yoga mat. It’s also important to use the best equipment such as the one here

The consistency of your Yoga practice will continue to double and double and double. Not bad at all considering that you can do yoga online training in your living room or even in your bedroom. As a beginner, doing Yoga at home will allow you to gain the consistency needed to achieve the most benefits.

Choose Your Pose

To get the confidence of a successful home Yoga practice, choose about 5 poses you love. The poses you choose should give you a great and awesome feeling instead of being obligated to practice every day because you made a commitment.

To further make sure that your commitment to do Yoga exercises for beginners at home blocks off a dedicated space and time. Your space should not be anything fancy. It just needs to be an area big enough for your yoga mat and one that will provide an aura of you wanting to visit it every day to do Yoga. More importantly, it should be a special space that will get you fully immersed in the exercise after only your first two or three breaths.

Most people into Yoga say that when they start their day with it, they feel revitalized the entire day. Yoga also brings out the better in you drawing inspiration from the book “Spot-On Ways to Be Inspired by Your Everyday Life.

Here are some of the yoga poses for beginners that you can try at home.

1. Triangle Pose

  • Stand with your legs three feet apart.
  • Stretch your arms sideward at shoulder height.
  • Position your right foot at a 900 angle and left toes at 450 angle.
  • Position your right hand on your ankle with your left arm extended upward.
  • Face the top of your left arm. Hold this position for 5-8 breaths.
  • Return to a standing position and repeat the pose on the opposite side.

This pose stretches areas at the side of your waist. It also strengthens your legs and tones all parts of your body

2. Bridge Pose.

  • This is a backbend pose.
  • Lie flat on your yoga mat.
  • Your feet hip should be around 4 feet apart.
  • Lift your butt over your head until both your feet are on the ground.
  • Hold this position for 8 to 10 breaths. Lower your hips down to the mat. Repeat the motion two more times.

This pose stretches the front of your body and strengthens the back of your body.

3. Pyramid Pose

  • Position your left foot forward and your left foot about 3 feet backward with your toes in a forward position
  • Bend forward until your forehead touches your left knee.
  • Press into your heels and the back of your knees. Your knees should be angles facing the back wall.
  • Breathe and hold the pose for 3-7 breaths.
  • Inhale your arms out and the up while keeping your legs straight.
  • Inhale with your arms up and our and with both legs straight.
  • Repeat pose on the other side.

This pose improves your balance, blood circulation, and mental function. It also stretches the back of your legs.

4. One-handed Tiger

  • Coming from a table pose, exhale.
  • Raise your right foot as high as you can with your knee bent spine arching.
  • Focusing at a point in front, transfer your weight to your right hand.
  • Have your left hand hold the inside portion of your right ankle.
  • Straighten your arms.
  • Have your right foot gently kick your left arm so you can raise your leg higher.
  • Breath and hold the pose for 2-5 breaths.
  • Release the pose by exhaling your leg and arm to the floor and back to the table pose.
  • Repeat the pose on the other side.

This pose stretches the front of your thigh and shoulders. It also tones your kidneys allows you to have strong arms. This pose stimulates your adrenal glands and increases your energy.

5. Half Moon Pose

  • From the High Lunge, pose position inhale and bring your left foot forward.
  • Inhale.
  • Focus on a point on the ground.
  • Position your left palm under your left shoulder and your right hand on your right hip.
  • Move your right hip so it faces the side wall.
  • Bring your torso to face the side wall.
  • Breathe and hold the pose for 2-5 breaths.
  • Release the pose by exhaling.
  • Bring your hands to the floor
  • Bring your foot back to the High Lunge

This pose enhances your confidence, concentration and focus. It also strengthens your knees, ankles and lower bodies.

Try Yoga Now

Yoga is an exercise regimen that is not only good for your physical body but also for your body, mind, and soul. Yoga exercises for beginners at home are a good start to finally taking Yoga seriously.

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