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Holiday Time Equals Family Time #HolidaysConFamilia

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This year the holidays are not going to be like the holidays in the past. This is the first year that my dad won’t be with us. I now know how my husband feels every Christmas that he is away from his family in Mexico. It is a little different as he can always get on a plane and go see his parents but I won’t get to see my dad until I am called home.

This picture was taken last Thanksgiving. The last one spent with my dad.
This picture was taken last Thanksgiving. The last one spent with my dad.

My dad was the strong and protector in the family. I guess that is why I was so attracted to my husband. My husband like a lot of Hispanic men has a very strong protective side. And just like my dad this side comes out when it comes to family.

Holidays con familia

Being away from family during the holidays is  hard but learning to accept the new norm that you won’t see that family member again is harder. So that is why I came up with some ideas for my girls for my girls to  make. I came up with these ideas when I was shopping the aisles of BJ’s Wholesale Club.

kimberly Clark holidays con familia

I am always looking for ways to reuse and repurpose items and I thought what better way than to reuse the cardboard tubes that come in rolls of Cottonelle toilet paper. I am always saving them and also yelling at my husband for throwing them out because I just might do something with them. And Cottonelle toilet paper is one of the things I always stock up whenever I am there. I also wanted to stock up on Kleenex tissues as this holiday season, besides it being the time for cold and flu,  will also be a time of tears as we remember that last year was spent in hospice watching my dad slowly slip away.

tree message boxes

That is why I wanted to get my girls involved with making some things for our memory tree. They were quite simple to make actually. The first thing we made was a message box as these could hold messages for my dad in heaven or for their abuelitos, Mama Luceita and Papa Felipe aka as Papa PP in Mexico. They were actually quite easy to make. All I did was buy some burlap with the lace already on it and hot glued it on to toilet paper tube. I didn’t close up the ends until the girls wrote their messages and placed it inside the tubes. These messages were a way to make them feel better about the holiday and being away from loved ones.

angels loved ones

Then the next thing we did was to take the Cottonelle toilet paper and hot glued it around the cardboard tube making a dress. Then covering a styrofoam ball with Kleenex tissue for the head,we attached it to the body. The wings were made out of Kleenex as well. It was a great way to keep both their hands and minds busy instead of focusing on what is ahead.

holidays con familia (1)

I love how easy they were to make and I know that after the holidays they will be sending the ones for their abuelitos in Mexico to them. I have a strong feeling that the messages for Grampie in Heaven will be a tradition that will continue in our family.

And I love that I can buy  products from Kimberly Clark like Kleenex and Cottonelle, at BJ’s because I know that their main focus is spending time with family and not getting caught up in the hustle and bustle of the holiday season. That is what is really important and buying products in bulk from BJ’s makes it a lot easier to do that and there is no running around involved.

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So now I showed you how we are preparing for the first holiday without a loved one, how are you preparing for this holiday season? 

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  1. Those first holidays the loved ones are not with us are always the hardest. I am sure you will enjoy the holiday with the family you have with you.

  2. Awww, what a great way to keep your dad’s memory alive. I love this 🙂

  3. The first holidays are always the hardest. What a great way to remember your dad. I still have not figured out what we are doing this year.

  4. I’m sorry to hear of your loss. It’s difficult to lose a parent, but I love that you’re honoring him. It’s a very sweet way to remember him.

  5. I am always yelling at my fam for tossing the rolls! Love your crafts and so sorry for your loss.

  6. That is such a sweet way to remember your loved ones. I definitely wouldn’t mind buying some supplies in bulk before the holiday rush.

  7. It’s so tough. I remember the first holiday without my mom which was actually Thanksgiving and then Christmas and it was so hard. Still is now even 14 years later. Hugs to you and your family.

  8. I lost my mom a few days before Christmas two years ago. It is certainly bittersweet to be celebrating without her.

  9. It has to be tough to celebrate any first holiday or special occasion after a loved one passes away. I really feel for you. I think the decorations you made are really special and will be appreciated by all.

  10. I can understand what you must through when you miss your loved ones during a holiday season & going back to those precious last moments when they were with you. Thanks for such a wonderful story, a great way to honor your dad.

  11. I love to read about families who spend quality time together as often as possible It also warms my heart to know how you keep the memory of your departed loved ones alive.

  12. Sorry to hear about your father. I know how hard it can be. I was only 16 when my father passed away but I still miss him everyday.

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