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As I mentioned in a Week of Highs and Lows and a Mom Fail, Gracie’s birthday somehow slipped through the cracks. So I was determined to make her birthday party the best party that she has ever had. And to be honest (not to pat myself on the back)  I think I did just that.

dream catcher party invite

Of course, a fabulous party has to have amazing invitations. My friend Sarah from The Hot Mess Kitchen, once again hit it out the park. You may remember Sarah from her guest post at Halloween and also she is the one behind my fabulous new header.  Gracie and I picked out a design and within hours Sarah had made a mock invite that we both fell in love with it. Because she is 14 going on 40 🙂 Gracie wanted a more grown up invitation and dreamcatchers are pretty impressive.

dream catcher food collage

She wanted a no-fuss party. Her main thing that she wanted was for the girls to sleep over and have red hot dogs. I think picking out the invitations was the hardest party of the party planning.

The food was very simple to make especially after Gracie said she wanted Carolina Packers Red Hot Dogs and a bonfire. We decided that this would be a perfect no muss no fuss party. Chips, smores, and hot dogs were all that the evening required.

roasting hot dogs

The girls got to roast their hot dogs over an open fire. ( Of course, with adult supervision.) For many of the girls, this was the first time that they have done this. Just look at the party set up.

dream catcher glasses

For drinking, we had mason jars wrapped with a piece of yarn with two beads tied to the ends and a paper straw. The boots on the table are actually Mikaela’s that she got for Christmas. To fill the mason jars, the girls got to choose from several fruit flavored drinks.

dream catcher food table

The food table was easy to assemble. I couldn’t find my plain white tablecloth, so I turned over a colorful tablecloth and added my suede fringe scarf that I got in one of my Wantable boxes for detail. I then added these cute planters that I found at the dollar store and just drew designs on them. I also walked down to the empty field near our house to pick wildflowers to further create the dream catcher theme.  To finish out the food buffet, I put Lola, ( my wire dress form) to work. Mikaela was Pocahontas several years ago, and we still had her costume, so Lola wore it.

For the dinner menu, there were hot dogs, buns, chips and smores. You won’t believe what I used to make an S’mores kit!! (Check back later this week to find out more.)

dream catchers

After the hot dog roast, we then moved inside to create dream catchers. ( Are you trying to figure out how we made them by looking at the pictures, don’t worry I will have a tutorial this week as well.)

girls sleeping

All but one of the girls spent the night. To be honest, I hardly knew they were in the house. These girls were very well behaved and I so would have them over again.

breakfast arrows dream catcher party

For breakfast, we had donut holes and fruit arrows, as well as milk and juice. This time, I used paper cups with paper straws – but had the yarn and beads attached to the straws.

The last girl left at five on Saturday and to be honest, I was sad to see her go because Gracie was having so much fun. So tell me what do you think of our dream catcher sleepover party them?

Love this party then you will want to check out parties we have thrown like the Hunger Games party.

Also, don’t forget to check back to see how to make those cute dream catchers and s’mores kit.

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  1. Lana! Funny how these kids want red hot dogs. Maverick turned 18 last week and I, like a rookie mom or something, lol, bought brown hot dogs. Maverick told me on Monday after school that everyone was talking about how awesome his party was except for the brown hot dogs!

    Your party theme was awesome! I think I know how you made the dream catchers but I can’t wait to see if I’m right 😉

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