Frugal Idea: Save on Those Post It Notes

How many of you use post it notes?? I find myself running through tons in them in a year. I got to thinking there has been a better way to use post its without costing an arm and a leg. Yea sure I could buy the off brand at the dollar store, but I have found they just do not stick as well. So here I have an awesome idea to make a post it dry erase board. First, you need to go to the store and buy a picture frame; some dry erases markers and some post it notes.

I purchased the poster sized frame because I wanted to make a board big enough to keep track of all the stuff I need to do on it.  I unwrapped the frame and removed the sides and the glass. I then flipped the inside paper over. And then I started sticking those post it on.

As you can tell, I got a pack of multi-color posts its with lines. But you can use any kind. I loved the colors in this pack. I loved the lines because it forces me to write neatly. LOL

After I had got all the post-its down the way, I wanted them, I then placed the glass on top and reapplied the sides to hold it all in place.

This is what it looks like after it is all put together. All you have to do after that is use your dry erase markers to write your notes and reminders on your board.

As you can see, I wrote myself a reminder to write about this board for the blog lol. Next, hang it on a wall.

Now you have a reminder board for all to see. I plan on making several of these for my daughters and my friends.This would be a unique gift to present to anyone.


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  1. That is a great idea! I have a combination of cork and dry board. The best part I got it at Staples for two dollars. At Staples if you go to Aisle one in the back they have all of the clearance items back there in the paper aisle. If you go to The Home Depot at Aisle forty-two they have their cleaning products on clearance on the right side at the end of the aisle. Do not let the prices fool you at either” just take what you want and ask the cashier the price. Some sales people do not fully do their jobs correct to our advantage. Hoped I help, Ramona Nugent.

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