Help Your Kids Get Active Without Trying Too Hard

Help Your Kids Get Active Without Trying Too Hard from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

Every parent would love their kid to be active and healthy, but it can be tough to get them interested in exercise or sports. That’s why you have to be subtle about it and find ways for them to get active, without knowing that’s what you’re doing. Planning some fun activities can help burn off some energy and ensure that your child gets the recommended amount of exercise each week, so they can stay healthy. 

Swimming lessons can be fun and practical

Swimming is an extremely useful life skill, and the sooner your child learns to swim, the better. Even babies can be taken into the water to swim. If your child hasn’t learned to swim at school, it’s worth booking them into JUMP! swimming lessons as soon as possible, no matter what their age. Not only are swimming lessons a potential lifesaver, but they also keep your child active, and if your kid is good at swimming, it’ll hopefully be something they continue doing throughout their life to keep fit.

Go on a camping trip

Until you stay in the great outdoors, you don’t quite realize how sedentary indoor life can be. One way you can get your children active and in the fresh air is to plan a family camping trip. This is an excellent way to get a screen-free weekend, get them outdoors, and also, get them walking and doing active things.

A camping trip is also a good way to teach them new skills appropriate to their age, from building a fire to putting up a tent. 

Want to turn this into an educational opportunity too? There are lots to learn outdoors. You can even download educational materials for National Parks, so while they’re getting active, they can also learn something new along the way. 

Find activities they enjoy

If your child isn’t keen on the offerings at school and won’t do traditional things that people do to stay active such as walking, then it’s worth finding them activities that they enjoy.

Some active hobbies that are popular with kids include:

  • Cycling
  • Martial arts
  • Dance or gymnastics
  • Yoga
  • Gardening

Anything that gets them moving, using their brain, and getting them away from a screen can be good for them. 

Make your garden a fun place to play

Recommendations about the amount of exercise that kids need vary. Most experts agree that younger kids need about three hours a day, while older kids need about 60-minutes a day. That’s pretty difficult for parents to keep up with. Many parents fit playground equipment in their backyard so that kids can go out and play. Clear out the clutter and put in some simple equipment like a swing or climbing frame, and kids can get exercise while you watch them from the house.

While kids are full of energy, getting them active can be a challenge for parents. It’s all about making things fun and ensuring that, even though you’re doing exercise, there’s something to focus on that keeps them interested along the way.

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