6 Fun Activities to Encourage Creativity

6 Fun Activities to Encourage Creativity from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

Creativity comes to all of us regardless of age and position in life. So whether you’re a mom who’s looking to find fun indoor projects to do with children or an adult looking to gain new perspectives by doing arts and crafts, you’ve come to the right place. Everyone is creative, and it is just a matter of letting everyone find out how to unlock theirs.

Besides, no classroom, workshop, or training can “teach” creativity because it is dependent on imagination. So, what you can do is to encourage it by coming up with ways that will let people use inventiveness as a means to let imaginative ideas come to life.
Here are some activities you can try to promote creativity.


There are many forms of creativity, and contrary to what people believe, it isn’t only about being good at creating something with your hands. You can create art with your body with the rhythm and movements you can make it do. Additionally, dance is a creative expression, and many people use it to express their emotions as well as let others feel it.

Dance is also a good exercise that lets people have fun while keeping their body fit. If you have an affinity for dancing, you should definitely keep it up by joining dance classes or doing it for fun in your own apartment by listening to good beats. Don’t forget to explore different dance genres, as you may find something you’ll like or even discover the dancing style that fits you.

Ensuring you have the right dance essentials is crucial for an enjoyable and comfortable experience on the dance floor. Among the key components, the choice of footwear plays a pivotal role, particularly in Latin dance. Latin dance shoes, with their unique design and specialized features, contribute to the dancer’s stability, flexibility, and overall performance. These shoes are crafted to support the intricate footwork and movements inherent in Latin dances like salsa, bachata, and cha-cha. The thin soles provide a good connection to the floor, allowing for precise foot placement, while the snug fit ensures proper support during spins and turns. Incorporating Latin dance shoes into your dance ensemble goes beyond aesthetics; it becomes a thoughtful consideration for the nuances of the dance style, enhancing both your style and comfort on the dance floor.

 Play Charades

Charades is a good group activity you can do together with family or with friends. It is a kind of play that requires at least two teams and involves pantomiming or play-acting a certain situation or object to let others guess what it is. Since the game itself solely uses actions, it takes a lot of imagination to dramatize actions or words to give clues to the audience.

Arts and Crafts Day

There are so many arts and crafts projects out there to choose from, so go for the ones that you think are fun and within your skill level. You can try open-ended play by foraging for scrap materials you can find around your house. Make it fun by making a game of getting five items and seeing what they can do and create with it.

You can also choose to do your research first and look at different DIY tutorials to look for ideas. You may already have materials lying around, but in case you don’t, it is a great idea to invest in wholesale craft supplies because you save much money buying in bulk and you will have everything you need in one go. Arts and crafts can be used to teach scientific experiments as well.

 Make a Blanket Fort

If you’re an adult, you probably know and/or have fond memories of the blanket forts you made as a child. There’s just something so nostalgic about looking back, but why not make it again, even if you’re already grown? This time, you may already have the ability to make a fort that can be permanently built on a tree or, if you have space in your backyard, one that is made out of wood.

Younger children may have to stick to wooden boxes or blankets, but it doesn’t mean it gets any less fun. Give them the freedom to decorate it as they see fit, and it is guaranteed they will have a lot of ideas as to what goes inside the fort and how to decorate it. If you anticipate a lot of mess, it is also a good opportunity to teach them how to tidy up and have them learn why it is important to clean up after their own mess.

Play Dress-Up

If you ever find your kids rummaging your closet and looking at your clothes, that’s because they’re curious. Take this as a chance to introduce playing dress-up. It’s also a type of pretend play that’s entertaining for the whole family. Plus, it would be adorable to see your toddlers and/or kids wear grown-up clothes to pretend to be someone else for a day!

The great thing about this is that you don’t have to spend a single dime. You can gather old clothes and accessories you no longer wear and put them in a box to have your kids choose from. Make it a game of letting them put on whatever they want so they can act out certain scenes or situations.

 Tell Bedtime Stories

Although this activity isn’t actively doing something, telling stories before bedtime can benefit both the child and the parent. Children will learn a lot from stories, and their imaginations will become more active even as they go to sleep. There are even studies that say that storytelling can help with language development, and it even fosters an early love for books.

Parents, on the other hand, will find their storytelling skills improve over time. As their child grows, they will learn how to concisely explain difficult scenarios or to thoughtfully put a twist in beloved children’s tales to entertain their child during bedtime. It is also a great parent-child bonding experience.

No Limit

There is no limit to what activities you want to do to let out your creativity. No matter what it is, and as long as you have fun with it, keep doing what you love. It can turn into a hobby, or if you do it well enough, it can become a side gig for extra cash or become a skill that you can use for success later.

What activities do you love doing that encourages your creativity? Tell it in the comments below.

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