Yoga Helps Me Focus on Me

yoga helps me focus on me

The year my focus has been all over the place. I have so much going on and so much planning going on for Gracie’s Quincearna, coming soon. I knew that if I did not take some steps you would have found me either at the bottom of the bottle and/ or suffering a nervous breakdown.

There is so much work that goes into planning an event like this. It is almost like a wedding. We have had dance practices for her court every weekend along with seating charts, decisions about decorations, food, songs, and so forth and so on. I knew I that I needed to make changes.

One thing I did do was cut out soda. ( Well that was until this weekend. But don’t worry my stomach hurt so bad last night, that I won’t be drinking any for a long time. It is just not worth it. ) I do have an occasional have a small glass ( expect for the previous statement above.) But I have found that feel bad when I do. Plus I have noticed I am not as bloated as I used to be and I have dropped a few pounds. (Yea ME!!!)

Another thing I have done was to take up exercising on a daily basis. One of the first things I had to do was get over myself and just get out there and do it. ( You know most of us, talk negatively about ourselves and we actually talk ourselves out of exercising which makes us feel even worse about ourselves.)

The next thing I did was to make a conscience effort to try new things. I will admit that I am not one to go a lot of exercises classes. But I am handy with a computer and I was able to let my fingers do some walking across the keyboard and I found several videos and sites to check out.

practicing our yoga poses
Even Allie gets in on the yoga. Love my shirt you can get at

One of the things I have always wanted to try was Yoga. My oldest daughter took it as her physical education class in high school, through the local community college, and loved it. But I could not get passed being in a class with other people. I know that people are not watching me but I still could not do it. I know that negative self-talk getting in the way again. But I was able to to find a few yoga classes online that I absolutely fell in love with and continued to still love.

I found that instead of focusing on the weight coming off, because let’s face it, that can be discouraging if the pounds don’t come off, I focus on how I felt. And that is what is amazing is that instead of the focusing on pounds, I focused on how I felt doing yoga and that is when the numbers of the scale started going down. I feel better now than what I have felt in years. So I would totally tell you that doing yoga for weight loss was a huge plus for me. And it’s something I would highly recommend. Just look for the class that is right for you.

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  1. Good for you;) Plus it’s so relaxing. I like doing yoga too in between my other workouts. Keep it up you’re doing great.

  2. Yoga is a good way to improve health, especially weight loss
    When you do yoga, your body is purified and prevents accumulation of fat.
    I do it everyday

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