Tips for a Successful Family Camping Trip

Tips for a Successful Family Camping Trip

When was the last time y’all spent a weekend in the great outdoors as a family? Has it been too long? While you could end the trip in a pile of tears from pulling each other’s hair out, it does not have to be this way. At all! Here are my favorite tips for a successful family camping trip.

Build the Hype

Kids hate doing things don’t want to do. Spending a night in a tent against their will can rile up even the best little angel.

If camping is new for them, give them some practice at home first! Pick a favorite camping movie to watch this Friday night, or have them practice setting up the tent in the living. If they seem excited about it, allow them to try pitching the tent in the backyard for a night.

Once kids see how fun it is, they won’t be able to wait to spend a weekend away with the family. However, if they still hate the idea of it, either give it some more time or find another family activity that everyone will love.

Plan It Out Together

When kids are highly involved in the process, they are usually more invested in the outcome. Give them a chance to help plan the weekend for the family! I recommend you write down three to five family-friendly campsites and then have them pick their favorite one.

Develop a list of what to pack and be a little forgiving when some things seem obnoxious (within reason). Take into consideration what their favorite meals are too. Lastly, bring lots and lots of blankets and padding to create a comfy bed.

Prioritize Age-Appropriate Activities

While y’all are camping (or even before while still planning the getaway), find some kid-friendly games and other activities to keep them entertained and happy. Depending on their interests, this could mean planning a family hike. Remember that they will have a lot less device time than usual and might not know what to do.

Encourage the family to explore nature together by collecting cool rocks or finding all the different types of flowers you can. Also, allow them some space and freedom to go off and explore (within reason and in age-appropriate ways). They could construct a fort, climb trees, or create a rock formation.

By following a few tips for a successful family camping trip, you can highlight the beauty and fun of nature for the whole family. Who doesn’t love a memorable outdoor experience to look back on for years to come?

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