And They Are Back

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I am sitting here writing  Gracie is home yet again do the “S” word. Seizures have become a normal everyday word in our house. What once was an abstract not have to worry about word has become a day to day reality in our house. As you may recall Gracie started having seizures in January we thought they were under control. But with medicine we thought they were under control. She had one in June and her nighttime dosage was increased. Then came the flu mist and an immunization in November and they are back with a vengeance. Her daytime dosage was increased. Then came the headaches. One of the side effects of Keppra, the Epilepsy drug, she is taking is severe headaches and oh my headaches there have been. And I am not talking about those dull ache type of headaches I am talking about those migraine type headaches that nothing you can do can ease them off. As I sat there holding Gracie’s head as she is crying because it hurts so bad, I wondered why her what did she do to deserve that pain? It hurts to see your baby not feeling well and nothing that you do will help it. I ended up putting a call into her neurologist wondering what I could do to help her get some relief. I ended up calling twice that day. After I finally got to talk to the wonderful nurse that works with her doctor, I was instructed to bring her the next day for an IV. Two bags of fluids and a shot of medicine, during which time I snuggled with her to keep her mind off of the IV, we both came home and crashed me on the couch and her on the chaise in our living room. We both were exhausted. Still trying to figure out how she is ever going to make up all the work that she has missed from school. But we are taking it one day at a time.

So tell me has your child ever had a seizure if so how did you and your child cope?

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