4 No Fuss Rainy Day Activities With Kids

4 No Fuss Rainy Day Activities With Kids from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

When it comes to entertaining kids outside in the sunshine it can be easy to find things to do.  With the warm weather, there are plenty of activities that you can choose from which will expel their energy and get them burning off steam.

When the clouds roll through and it’s rainy and cold, however, parents can be left wondering how on Earth they’re going to entertain little ones indoors.  Scrolling past pages of Pinterest activities can be overwhelming as you realize you don’t have spare pom-pom’s, popsicle sticks, or pounds of glitter laying around to be able to recreate these projects.

However, fear not.  You don’t have to pile your entire family in the car and spend a fortune at the closest craft store in order to make kids happy on a rainy day.  Sometimes the simplest of activities is all that they need.  Here are some of the best fuss-free activities that you can do with your kids inside that not only they’ll enjoy, but you will too!


Kids love to get involved in the kitchen and help out making creations.  Try to find a recipe that they feel enthusiastic about and which you have the tools and ingredients for. 

Something even as simple as assisting making an omelet can make them feel like a five-star chef.  It’s all about making them feel valued and giving them tasks which they can easily achieve without hurting themselves or driving you crazy in the process.

Bubble Baths

A good old bubble bath is often just what the doctor ordered.  Kids love to get in a tub filled to the top with sudsy bubbles. If you don’t have any bubble bath on hand, you can simply add shampoo or tear free soap.  They’ll love splishing and splashing around in a huge tub of bubbles. Not only will this activity keep them entertained, but they’re getting clean too! Everyone wins!


Putting on some loud music which has an upbeat rhythm is a sure way to get the rainy day party started. Kids love to dance and get into the groove, especially if you participate.  If you’re feeling extra creative, you can find a choreographed video on YouTube and try to learn it together.  It will burn off plenty of energy that they’ve got cooped up having to stay inside.

 Art Projects

The great thing about art is that it’s anything you want it to be.  You don’t need fancy paintbrushes and acrylics to create a masterpiece.  You can do anything from cutting out snowflakes out of paper to creating homemade play-doh with regular ingredients that you’ve got lying around.

Getting creative together is a great way to bond together and have fun at the same time.

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