Making Healthy Choices Feels Good

“I participated in an Influencer Activation on behalf of Influence Central for Boys & Girls Club of America. I received a promotional item to thank me for my participation.”

Yesterday was a crazy day for us. We had two events to attend in Raleigh, one starting at 6:30 and one at 7:30 I know what was I thinking when I booked both events. And seeing how the girls don’t get out of school until 4:30 I had a choice to make. Either we could grab dinner at a fast food restaurant and eat on the go in the car or I could fix a meal at home to eat on the go. I chose the latter one. It was actually very easy to make and I had a nutritious dinner for a family of four in under 20 minutes.

healthy Choice dinner on the go

Dinner consisted of cheese and chicken quesadillas. Cheese because Gracie is still limiting the amount of meat that she eats and I applaud her for sticking to her beliefs. Carrots with a little bit of ranch dressing, apples and a few gluten-free chocolate chip cookies filled out the menu. Hubby and I split a Sparkling Key Lime water and the girls had lemonade to drink.

healthy dinner

We made the smart choice to not eat fast food. I have found that when I eat fast food, I feel like crap. Although it is okay every once in a while, if you eat it all the time that is another story.


Did you know eating healthy is strongly encouraged by the Boys & Girls Club of America’s Triple Play program? What is this program exactly?

  • It is the Boys & Girls Club of America’s healthy lifestyle program. Did you know that nearly 3 out of 10 kids in the US are overweight or obese? That is why it is important to get kids active. We do that by attending and playing in soccer games as well as taking walks with the dogs. After all our fur babies need their exercise too.
  • Did you know that children should participate in activity for at least 60 minutes a day? That statistics only applies to about 1/4 of 12-15 years old. That is so sad.
  • Since its start in 2005, this program has made close to 10 million kid connections. Sharing the importance of physical activity, and nutrition through their 3 parts focused on body, mind and soul.
  • And I love that this program gets support from companies like Coca Cola and the Anthem Foundation.

You just read above how we focused on nutrition , now I want to share how we focused on the soul. As many of you know my dad passed away in January. He was very involved in the community. So in efforts to continue his legacy we have stepped up our involvement in the community, plus that makes us feel closer to him. That is why we double booked last night. Because both events where for good causes we managed to squeeze both it and came out feeling good about it.

feeling good to give back

First we stopped at The Flourish Market, a fabulous mobile boutique, to drop off the bras we collected for the “Free the Girls” Program. Look for that post soon. And then we went to the Railhawks game and donated canned goods for the Backpack Buddies program. Plus all the fresh air was amazing as well. We were so happy to be making choices that are right for our bodies, minds and souls.

So tell me how do you make healthy choices for your body, mind and soul? And while you are thinking make sure to download the Triple Play Parent Game Plan.

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  1. It is so important to eat right and be active. I eat way too much junk and really need to be better about it.

  2. I always take food with me no matter where I go. I try to eat very healthy and for me, it isn’t an option to eat out. My Hubs would love the quesadillas you made.

  3. This is such a great idea and I need to start doing this. I am really bad about skipping meals when I have too much going on.

  4. I don’t feel well when I eat fried or fatty foods. Good choices do literally feel great.

  5. I love when you can make healthy choices on the go. My kids are adults now with their own careers but I remember how hard it was to get in all of the activities and still get a healthy meal in. Kudos to the Boys & Girls Club of America’s Triple Play program. Our kids need encouragement and support like this.

  6. I agree with you, it is a much healthier option to make your own food. You know what is in your food and that is not always the case when you eat out!

  7. I like to take food with me, too! And I’m with you – I always feel like crap when I eat fast food!

  8. I couldn’t agree with this more. Lately my daughter and I have been making some healthier choices. It feels so great.

  9. I always over pack for food when we travel. I would rather have too much than not enough!

  10. I agree it is very much important to make sure we eat the right food that we love & the one that is healthy as well. I think having some basic plans will be good enough to achieve it.

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