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Norway has always been one of those countries that I have always found interesting but never really invested much time in researching it. So I found If You Were Me and Lived in Norway by Carole P. Roman very interesting. Here is one of the interesting facts; it is called “The Land of The Midnight Sun.” Why is it called that you ask because parts of the year, the sun never sets and shines all day and all night. Cool, right? It is interesting facts like this one that will grab your child’s attention and hopefully spur them into researching Norway on their own.

I will have to say I have fallen in love with If You Were Me and Lived In…. Series.  I loved how that in each book the reader is so involved in the story as if they are actually living there. What a great book to use for homeschooling or in a classroom or just to spark your child’s imagination.

For more information about the book check out the author’s website and buy it on Amazon. In the next couple of weeks I will be reviewing more books that explore other countries so stay tune.


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