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In my continuing challenge to find 100 blessings I am halfway there with today’s list. I will have to admit that at times coming up with these blessings have been fairly challenging but in a good way it has forced me to evaluate what I need versus what I want in my life. It is not about the material things, it is about the looking beyond the material things and seeing the beauty in God’s Creation. So here are the ten things that I am blessed with this today.

  • Sunset- Have you ever sat outside and watched the beautiful colors in a sunset. I often times sit outside and thank God for the simple beauty of sunset.
  • A mommy bird feeding her little babies- Our next door neighbor has a bird house in her backyard and one day we were lucky enough to watch the mommy bring food to her babies.
  • Freedom- We are so lucky to be able to live in this amazing country. Where we have the freedom to express ourselves through blogs and other outlets.
  • Stars in the Sky- I love to sit outside and watch the night sky. When my girls were younger we used to sit outside and county the stars. It kept them occupied for quite some time.
  • No letting the drama get to me- Last week someone tried to get my caught up in drama and I refused to be caught up it and it proved to my  girls who was the better person. And let’s just say it wasn’t the other person.
  • Answered Prayers- No matter how big or how small prayers are answered. I have total faith that the Lord is working to give us what we need to survive.
  • Having no Credit Card Debt- A long time ago, my husband and I made the decision to not have credit cards. Sure times were tough some time and they would have come in handy when we had the accident.  But living credit card free is a blessing. It forces us to live on a budget and also makes sure we don’t overspend. I know a lot of people are into having a lot of material possessions but I would rather have just enough than too much because money changes people. I have seen it first hand.
  • The Sunrise- being able to thank God everyday that my little family and I wake up to see another day.
  • The Perfect number of 3- I will admit that there were times that I wanted another baby but looking back over the last year I realize it was a blessing to not a have a third. Our little family is just complete. Funny how things change in over a year.
  • For FAKE people- because they force me to look at myself and realize I don’t ever want to be like that . Ever. You know the people that only brag about what they have or how much they spend on things. So what you have money but no amount of money can replace what I have- a husband of over 20 years who I fall in love with all over again every day and three beautiful daughters who have learned the importance and value of what should come first in their lives. Also they are very smart financially wise because they have been taught that if you want money you have to work for it, instead of it being handed to them. I believe that they will be better to handle the world on their own.

So now I am past the halfway mark,, where are you in your list of blessings?

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