It is Never To Early To Shop For Prom Dresses

It is never to early to think about Prom Season. And being that Mikaela will be a senior next year, I know that she will want her dress to be extra special. So we are already on the lookout for that special dress. She has had so many special dresses in her life from her Quincenara dress, to her 8th grade prom to her two prom dresses that she has worn each year she has always gone a little different with each dress.

Her Quincenara dress was a big beautiful ball gown that she had to wear two hoops under. It laced up the back and was absolutely gorgeous a combination of blues, turquoise and navy. Her 8th grade prom dress was simple pink cocktail dress that we got in Mexico for $20. Her first high school prom dress was a strapless black dress with leather insets and her second one was a simple long black strapless gown.

With that said we are looking online to what the next big dress might be. She has looked at blue prom dresses and has yet to find one that she might actually like. She has expanded her search and added white prom dresses to her list as well. I as a mom am not sure that I want to see her in a white dress until her wedding day.

So far I am thinking that her next one will be a trumpet prom dress. I so can see her rocking this dress next year.

prom dress

So even though prom is a year away it is never to early to start looking for that special dress. Since it will be her last year to go to Prom we want to make it extra special since you want to make your Senior year as memorable as possible.

So tell me how far in advance do you start looking for prom dresses?

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